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Your Capsule Collection Program  

Your Capsule Collection is a 5-week online interactive learning program for women who want to dress to feel beautiful and confident.

  •  Get dressed in under 5 minutes 

  • Save energy figuring out what to wear
  • Make an impact with your outfit

What Can Your Capsule Collection Do For You?

Imagine opening your closet and seeing outfits that are ready to wear that you are excited to put on. Outfits that fit you and flatter you. Outfits that show on the outside who you are on the inside. Imagine not having to spend time and energy figuring out what to wear so you can focus on what's most important. And imagine, having outfits that help you achieve your goals. 

After 5 video calls, you'll know EXACTLY how to create outfits and build your dream wardrobe that aligns with your personal style, lifestyle, goals and body type by shopping in your own closet.

Why does this matter?

While you can’t 100% of the time control how others perceive you- you can and should take charge of the message you’re sending out. When you walk into a room, you deliver your message long before you ever say a word. Your style is literally a layer of language you wear. Your words are often secondary. Let’s make your first impression truly exceptional.


Inside… we will break down each of the 5 Steps so they are crystal clear and immediately actionable. More specifically, you will:  

A) Create a signature style, find clothes that flatter your figure and align your wardrobe with only what works for you.  

B) Leverage a proven roadmap, shopping strategy and live styling coach you'll be feeling confident in every outfit for every occasion.  

C) Network, stay motivated and get fashion advice from a community of fashion experts, stylists, girl bosses, single ladies, married ladies, hot mommas and inspirational women who share the same fashion frustrations and desire to look and feel better. We are in this together! 

Who is this Program for?

  • If you've ever stood in front of your jam-packed closet and felt like you had nothing to wear… this course is for you.
  • If you’ve ever bought something from a department store or online only to try it at home an hour later and realize that you want to BURN IT … this course will eliminate your buyer’s remorse and prevent fires. 
  • If you (and your significant other) are frustrated with how long it takes you to get ready… this course will allow you to get dressed in your signature style in half the time - to everyone’s relief ; )  

In this course, I will NOT tell you what your style or message should be. I will only help you create it so it's AUTHENTIC to you and teach you how to put together outfits that you LOVE, and that FIT and FLATTER. Guaranteed!

As the founder and designer of an Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies I’ve been teaching women how to style with accessories for over 12 years. However, peeling back the layers, I find many women overwhelmed with too many fashion options, too many haphazard shopping sprees, and overfilled closets with nothing to wear. I want to help and I know how. I’ve discovered that most women struggle with one of the three core problems:  

You don’t know where to start 

 “I want to look and feel good in my clothes but I don’t even know where to start. It feels overwhelming, timely and costly to start from scratch with a new wardrobe. I used to love my clothes but now they're not working for my new stage in life.”  

You find it hard to keep up with your changing body and fashion trends 

“There are so many styles of clothes I like and its easy for me to over buy, or worse, buy things that don’t fit me right or don’t look good on me. I don’t always get around to returning stuff and my closet just goes downhill from there.”  

You don’t carve out the time to get started  

“I know what I like and what looks good on me for my current lifestyle but I haven’t taken the time to actually clean out my closet, get rid of stuff and only wear what feels good and looks good on me, currently. Not what worked for me ages ago. I just haven’t found the time for it.”  


Create Your Capsule Collection They Did It. So Can You. Hear from women who created wardrobes they love.  

"As a real estate agent helping young families find their first homes I want to be relatable to my clients. I want to look professional, approachable and be comfortable. Ada helped me create a wardrobe I love. I'm able to get dressed quickly for those last-minute showings and I no longer dread getting ready. 

Sara D.

"I'm a lawyer and wear suits during the week but wanted to step up my weekend outfits. I needed clothes that fit me well and were flattering for my pear-shaped figure. Ada taught me how to mix and match outfits, dress for my shape and I was able to create my own weekend capsule collection."

Mayra B.

 "I love having a capsule collection because it taught me so much about myself - my colors, my body shape, so now I know exactly what flatters me" - Denniz F. 

"I'm a teacher and finding something comfortable that looks cute but can wash easily was nearly impossible until Ada helped me piece together my first capsule collection. I'm no longer wearing just jeans and a frumpy T shirt to work." - Anne K.

"I have two small children to get ready each morning and I work full-time. Simplifying my wardrobe is a form of self-care for me!" - Jenna Kate F. 

"My work dress code is business casual. I have a style, but felt my work outfits were boring. I wanted to look professional but comfortable. Ada helped me update my wardrobe, I feel more modern, fresh, and confident in what I put on." Judy A. 

Here’s what I’ll share in this program:

The Your Capsule Collection Program walks you through exactly what you need to understand, know and — most importantly — DO in order to create a wardrobe you love through a capsule collection. This program is built to help you:  

  • Define your personal style  
  • Determine your body type and fit  
  • Master outfit combinations and learn how to accessorize  
  • Shop smarter and more selectively for your lifestyle  
  • Create your capsule collections for work, home and weekend errands 

Filled with concrete examples, styling tips and advice, action challenges and my hand-picked list of the best style resources — this program will allow you to walk away with the style knowledge you need to create endless capsule collections so you can forever look and feel your best in your clothing.  

stop guessing & get ready for answers

You’re about to learn exactly how to create a Capsule Collection by building the wardrobe you love – that will allow you to look your best in your clothing, give you confidence about your style and take the overwhelm out of getting ready for the office, big presentation or weekend activities — so you can focus on what’s most important.  

There are two specific outcomes we’re focused on in this course:  

  • Getting you crystal clear on the right clothes for you — one that matches your body type, personal style, life style and goals.  
  • Getting you to take action to create a wardrobe that you absolutely love that will help you look and feel your best. 

What You Won't Get 

In Your Capsule Collection Program, we do not endorse or promote any specific clothing brands or stores. We do not make personal consultation visits to your home or do the work for you. This is an interactive course via face to face video calls where you will be empowered to create your own style profile and wardrobe. 

See how the Capsule Collection Program helped Oonagh