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This blueprint will empower you to dress your unique shape so you can choose clothes that love your body.

Strategic dressing, dressing that balances your silhouette accenting your best assets, saves you time + money + helps you feel your best every day by choosing clothing that's right for your unique body type. 

Imagine the confidence you'll have when shopping & choosing your outfit in the morning! 

This is literally a head to toe dressing guide on how to create illusions of the desired "balanced and proportional" body. 

Get the foundation you need to become your own best stylist in less than an hour!

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“I love this guide! There's so much great information in here! Most of it I've never ever considered! This will help me shop with so much more ease.” – Katie R.



Vertical Body Shape

Many women have heard of the horizontal body shape but the vertical is also very important to consider. Knowing your vertical body shape will help you shop the the right length tops and bottoms so you’re not constantly pulling and tugging on your blouses and jackets. 

Petite Body Frame 

There are petite women in all sizes and shapes, whether you’re hourglass or apple shape, if you’re 5'4 or under you’ll love these tips.

Long Body Frame

Whether you have long torso and short legs or short torso and long legs - it's all about creating balance and an illusion that our parts are in harmony. You'll discover what to wear to flatter your long body frame.

Balance Your Body

The art of getting dressed is knowing how to draw eyes to our assets and downplay our least favorites. Stategic dressing creates the illuion that our parts are in harmony.


Why I created this Blue Print  

For the past 12+ years, I’ve been designing women’s accessories and empowering women to choose style over fashion, teaching women how to accessorize outfits by combining the right looks for each individual woman, aligned with her body and life style.  

I always designed accessories that were versatile, one-size and that encouraged women to embrace her body type. 

Unfortunately, many women continue to be hard on themselves and blame their body vs the clothes if the shirt doesn't fit right. 

Here's what I always say - It's not you - It's your clothes.  

I really want to empower women and show women how to use clothing to feel better about their body. Clothing can be a tool of self-confidence if used correctly. 

Many of us go through moments when our body changes and we're hard on ourselves. But the art of dressing is the ability to draw the eye to our assets. Strategic dressing creates the illusion that our body parts are in harmony. 

This is literally a head to toe dressing guide and blue print to teach women how to create illusions of the desired "balanced and proportional" body. 

“This is the most complete style guide I've ever seen. I feel like I can style myself and style my friends based on all the insight I learned! Really great! ” – Sarah F.