Don’t start packing your bags. Don’t go anywhere this summer, until you watch this video. I will share with you 10 summer essentials that I highly suggest you pack, and I don’t want you to miss out.

Hello, and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. For those of you who know me welcome back. And for those of you who don’t, my name is Ada Deferrari. I’m an accessory designer, and I’m also the creator of the dress your shape program. And I’m all about helping you pick out exactly what to wear for your body shape,and how to put it together so you look good and feel super confident. And today I wanted to share with you 10 Essentials I highly recommend if you’re going to be traveling this summer. Now I was super excited to do this video, because first of all, I love to travel. I’ve been traveling my whole life. I used to save up money teaching tennis and working as a babysitter, doing all sorts of jobs so I can save up some money to go on trips, and I absolutely love it. I think it’s essential to just change environments to relax, learn, and grow. So I’m very excited to be traveling again, I’m traveling this summer to Europe, and so I’m going to be sharing with you the first 10 essentials that I say “Ok, these are for sure I’m packing” And then in future videos, if you’re interested, I will share with you what I’m packing on my trip a capsule collection and how I put it together. Because especially traveling in Europe, it’s so much easier when you’re traveling light.

I’ve had to learn the hard way not only did I have to pay for excess luggage and have to rent a bigger car because all of our luggage wouldn’t fit. And then, of course, not to mention rolling the bags up flights of stairs, no more. Those days are over unpacking light. And I will show you exactly how to build out outfits in the future videos on how to build out outfits and how to get like the most amount of outfits from the little amount of clothes that you can. But these are the travel essentials that I think you should highly consider when traveling this summer.


One of the first items I highly suggest to bring with you anywhere you travel, even if it’s to a tropical warm place is a warm puffer jacket. It could be as thin or thick as you want it. Mine’s pretty thin, and it can roll up into this little ball. And it’s extremely lightweight, but I just feel no matter what even if I’m packing lightweight items that I will be sharing with you. At least I know I have one warm item. And it’s just versatile. And I think it’s a must-have for travel, especially if you’re traveling via an airplane.

Now I’m also thinking along the lines of traveling via an airplane. But I’m not going to bring a lot of pants with me on my trip, but I will bring a pair of leggings. And actually, they’re kind of more like joggers. This is by 90 degrees this isn’t anything super fancy. But I feel like they’re gonna be very comfortable or they are very comfortable to travel in. And also I can dress them up or dress them down. So depending of course on your body type, on your body shape and preference, a pair of leggings is great because it’s small and especially if weight is of the essence. In fact, for our trip, we have to be under 20 pounds. And so I’m like figuring out every piece of that I’m taking with me I won’t be taking jeans as much as I like jeans because they just not only take up room but also they’re heavy. And so a pair of leggings is great, it’s versatile, you can dress them up or dress them down.

The third essential item I highly suggest to bring with you on your summer travel is a linen blouse or linen shirt. Now, I know a lot of people will tell you like wearing a cardigan but I just think that these are so nice and lightweight. You can wear them by themselves and tuck them into a skirt or shorts. You could also unbutton them and just kind of wrap them around and tie them in the front or you could wear them open as a cardigan. These are so versatile. It’s great for the sun, and sun protection. It’ll keep you warm, but it’s still cool natural fiber. So first of all, like any natural fiber is what’s great but linen I think it’s nice. It does wrinkle a little bit but I think it’s kind of excusable especially if you’re going somewhere warm. I will be bringing a couple of these linen blouses.
The next item I highly suggest to bring with you on your next trip is a belt bag. These bags are so convenient. You can slip your passport in there, your phone, lipstick, lip gloss, your eyeglasses, I mean it fits everything all of the essentials you need to have especially close to the body. It’s convenient because it is a little bit shorter so it’s more secure, it’s safe and this is a must-have and if you can get everything in there in the kitchen sink, of course, you can put this bag inside your bigger bag but at least you know all of your important documents and your phone and everything are close to y
our body.
Okay, so assuming that you’re going to be traveling for summer to a warm place, I would suggest bringing with you a flowy dress. It doesn’t have to be white, it doesn’t have to be black, but neutral color. So you could dress it up and dress it down what I like about a shirt dress and I haven’t found the ideal dress, I’m still looking for it, I want it to be flowy. But you can wear this one as a skirt, or you could wear this as a top. This isn’t like the perfect one. But something flowy in a neutral color is great because you have it for walking around and visiting. But also you have it to something a little bit more elevated. If you’re going to be going out to dinner, you want to also look pretty in pictures. So I highly suggest bringing a nice flowy comfortable dress that hits above the knee. If you’d like something a little bit longer, fine. But I would say on the longer side. So if you’re sitting down on like hot benches or whatever, your legs are protected.
And of course, as a belt designer, I’m going to say bring a belt with you. But the wrap belt, the ADA wrap belt in Tan, is like a must-have. I mean you can wear a scarf and belt it, you could wear that white dress or the tan dress, whatever color-neutral dress and you can make multiple outfits out of it just by belting it, a belt will change up the look. For example, you can wear a dress flowy during the day and then belt it at night for a completely new look. So I would highly suggest bringing with at least one belt and the other wrap belt you can wear high on the waist or the dress or you could even wear it down lower on the hips.
The next two items I am wearing right now. So I would highly suggest bringing a scarf with you. A scarf will add color to your look, you could wear it on the hair, or you can wear it as a caftan. You could even wear a scarf as a skirt. It serves as a beautiful, colorful piece that’s very versatile. And you can wear it in lots of different ways. And we have so many beautiful scarf options over at the ADA Collection website, you should check them out. And I’ve got links down below for you.
If you’re already one of my style students, you’re going to laugh but yes, hoop earrings, I just think they’re so versatile. They’re always nice, they match everything and it automatically elevates your look even if you’re going casual and you put in a pair of hoop earrings and it’s easy, and it looks elevated. So I would highly suggest bringing with you a pair of gold or silver hoop earrings.
Okay, travel essential number nine. You guys are gonna laugh at this maybe. But I love these flip-flops by crocs. Now they’re super lightweight. They’re small and compact, so you can slip them anywhere. But sometimes after a whole day of walking, you just want your feet to breathe. And I think these are perfect. In fact, I’ve traveled all across Europe just wearing my I think they’re called SEXI flipped by crocs. They’re so comfortable, they’re very versatile, that you can dress them up, you can dress them down, I love them. But even if you don’t wear them all day, it’s nice to slip your foot into something airy. And I think these are it.
And as you’re packing, don’t forget your travel cubes. These have saved me especially if you’re traveling from place to place. You don’t want to like unpack everything out of your bag and put it all back in. So I organized all of my items in these cubes. They’re almost like drawers in a way. So I have one for my tops, one for my bottoms, one for my PJs, and my undergarments. I think they’re wonderful. And anytime I’m packing, especially for long travel. I bring my travel cubes.
Okay, I already shared with you 10 Technically, but can I give you a couple more little tips just as bonuses? Thank you.
Okay, this little hat here, I just cut it on Amazon. I love it. Again, for me, I must travel light. And I love this hat because it rolls up and you can pop it on. And it doesn’t mess up your hair. But the most important thing is, is that it’s not going to get all messed up and wrinkled in your luggage. I don’t have the space for a big travel hat. So this is going to be it for me.
And last but not least, very quick. I’m sure you’re going to be bringing sneakers with you. And can I suggest a colorful pair of sneakers? Like something colorful, not like white with capris, you know, like kind of the typical traveler, but colorful sneakers are so great because you can match them to so many outfits. They’re very versatile and they’re eye-catching. They’re cute. Of course, you want to go with something more comfortable, but I think a colorful pair of sneakers is a must-have for your travels.
So I hope that you enjoyed this video. I hope it inspired you to maybe pick a trip. As an item this summer I’ll be checking a place off my bucket list and I’m super excited to share with you my travel and some of the behind-the-scenes travel tips. So follow me over at Ada Deferrari on Instagram, where I’m going to be sharing with you the beautiful place I’m going to be going to the summer and I’ll be sharing with you lots of styling tips but also some traveling tips as well.
So I hope you enjoyed this video and if you want me to record that capsule video, then leave a comment for me below and I’ll be sure to do so.
Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.