Shops are full of fabulous trendy skirts and dresses that promise to turn you into a chic, cool, sexy and professional lady boss goddess.  So, you swipe your credit card in utter triumph and think:

“THIS YEAR I’m finally gonna be stylish.”

But, then you’re STILL standing in front of a mirror feeling frumpy and reconsidering a new diet, creams, surgery – something to take the years off.  How could you have aged overnight? Literally.

The age-old truth is that you’ve probably been tricked into buying a dress that was meant for another lady.  The puffed shoulders, empire waist line and hemline hit you in the wrong place so it has nothing to do with your body, my lady boss goddess.  It’s the dress that’s wrong.

In today’s video, I give you the skinny on the midi so they never trick you again.


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