For the past 10+ years, I’ve been designing women’s accessories and empowering women to choose style over fashion, teaching women how to accessorize outfits by combining the right looks for each individual woman, aligned with her body and life style. I’ve styled hundreds of women and taught sales associates and stylists of retail stores how to style their customers.  

Through my contact with fashion retailers, my own styling series videos, my direct online sales to consumers, I discovered that there is always a common problem that many women are facing. Overwhelmed with “too much stuff ” and “not knowing what to wear”— especially when fashion is constantly changing. Designers are coming out with new fashion weekly, your body is changing and so is your lifestyle going from career to home or vise versa. It’s hard to keep up and many of us just give up on trying to look our best.  

I really wanted to help. Especially because I know from a design perspective that everything in fashion has to be fast, new, unique with a tempting prices in order for it to be successful. It’s overwhelming from the manufacturing perspective, let alone from the consumer perspective. Constant ads on what to wear, how to wear it, buy it now, fast or you’ll be left behind.  

From my personal journey in juggling fashion, a career and family I know the little time you have and on top of it you want to look good. With the right strategy – the looking good part can be easy.

I want to show you just how easy making an exceptional first impression can be – starting with creating a wardrobe you love. I’ve used this formula to design every collection for many brands and its the same formula stylists use during their consultation sessions. You can soon have a clear, action-oriented and affordable roadmap to your own signature style and wardrobe you love.