Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. For those of you who know me welcome back. And for those of you who don’t, my name is Ada Deferrari and I’m the designer behind the Ada Collection accessory line. And today I’m going to be sharing with you what accessories I’ll be taking on my next trip.

If you saw my video from last week, you know I’m very limited as far as what I’ll be packing, it’s actually really nice to be packing lightweight. It’ll just make it very easy to travel when you’re renting a car from moving from place to place and also less decision fatigue. For the most part, my capsule is very neutral. Again, check out that video because I share with you exactly how I put it together.

Bringing in some color through in accessories is nice because not only does it give more interest to your outfits and brings that warmth, kind of fun color, and personality but it also really looks nice in pictures. And you know photos last forever. So these are the accessories that I’ll be packing and I know for some of you it’s going to be out there but just take one of these perhaps.


So I’ll be packing lots of scarves with me well, Four to be exact. So I have again, neutral outfits as I shared with you last week, but I have these scarves, in fact, I’m wearing one right now lots of different ways to wear scarves you can wear them as a top you could wear it in your hair, you could wear it on your bag, you could I mean so many different ways like a sarong, you can make a skirt out of it.

They’re super neutral and they don’t take up that much space. In fact, look at this thing and it’s not very heavy. So it’s just this tiny little thing but it could really bring a lot of versatility and color into your outfit. So I really love this one here. We have it available on the ADA Collection website but Isn’t that so pretty, so many beautiful colors. And then, of course, there are lots of different options as well but I’ll definitely be bringing a scarf. And if you follow me over on Instagram, I’ll show you how I’m going to be styling all these accessories as well.

I’ll also bring with me, my gold Cassandra belt bag. I love this because you can bring your put your phone there, your passport money, your Kindle, sunscreen, whatever you need. It fits, it’s big enough yet it’s small, you can wear it crossbody or you can wear it kind of as like, you know around the hip area as well. So I’ll definitely be bringing this one and maybe even in a tan and a black. I’m not sure yet but for sure the gold I just think it’s very pretty and super elevated.

I’ll also bring with me these three wrap belts. Now I’m going to be bringing this electric blue, I think it’s going to look really pretty where I’m traveling and with my outfits that are more like neutral and again, white, and light beiges. And I love this fuchsia. I think it’s really pretty. Also, you can wear it with all those neutral colors. And even with black in the evening, I think it’s really pretty. And this mustard, I just feel like it says vacation. So the wrap belt is super nice. It’s very versatile, you can wear it around your waist like this. And you can tie it in so many different ways.
One of my favorite ways to tie it is in a rosette. So you wrap it around like so, and you wrap one end around the other. And I’ll show you one other way as well. And then you just twist it into this cute little rosette. I mean, that’s the summer right and then you can wear it again with like a flowy dress with a kaftan and it’s just I think it’s very versatile. Also, you can if you have a tunic or kind of like beach pants, it looks really cute as well.
And for some of you if you think like well, I don’t have all that room that tie maybe you’re a little bit more curvy, and you don’t have as much of the tie space which is totally fine. It’s still really cute. So let’s say you have less tie space, you can tie it in the back or you could just tie it in like a little knot in the front. And perhaps if the ties aren’t long enough, that’s fine. You could just tie it in a knot and if the ties are too long for you one of the nice ways to tie it is you wrap one end around the other like so.
And you can go all the way there, it’s like a little roly-poly, but my daughter calls it you could get it tighter as well. But if you have if you feel like the ties are too long, you could always trim them or you can wear them like this or even tighten the back in a bow.
So this is a great belt because it’s so versatile and there are so many different colors you can check them out on  adacollection.com and I will for sure be bringing out a collection of belts and scarves over on my trip and bringing in more color and diversity in my entire capsules. I hope you check us out as well and bring a belt in for your summer travels or just your summer looks.
See you next time on Ada Style Minute.