Summer is here and my beach bag is packed. Curious about what I have inside? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you in today’s style minute. 

Hello and welcome back to ADA Style Minute my name is Ada Deferrari for those of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t, I’m the designer behind ADA Collection and I’m also the creator of the Dress Your Shape Program. And today I wanted to share with you what’s inside my beach bag.

I’m always inspired to hear what people are packing and also what they’re carrying in their purses or their bag. And so I thought I’d share with you what I’m carrying in my beach bag. In fact, I typically set up my beach bag at the beginning of the season, and whenever my kids are ready to go to the pool or the beach I haven’t already packed and I’ll have to stress at last minute so here’s what I have inside my beach bag.

This year I mixed it up with my beach bag and I got a new one. And this one I just got off of Amazon it’s super-duper lightweight, it’s spacious, it’s bigger, but it’s very lightweight. And typically I like to get straw bags or even canvas ones but the weight was the issue this year for me and so I got this kind of mesh bag from Amazon. So what do I have inside? Let me share it with you.

A couple of years back I got this towel slash sarong from one of my friends it’s Cara and it’s 100% cotton and I just use it as my beach towel since it’s it soaks up water very nicely but it’s super thin and you could also use it as a sarong but typically I will lay it out either on the sand or a lounge chair and I love it because especially since it’s so thin and it does soak up the water.

The next item that’s in my beach bag is an ADA Collection Scarf that could also be used as a wrap. So I typically will wear this either around my waist. I will wear it kind of like as a sarong in my hair or to cover my hair or to cover my face from the sun. I love it. Because again, it’s just so versatile and you can wear it in so many ways and it brings in a pop of color. Sometimes I’ll even actually tie it on the outside of my bag and just bring in some more color.

Okay, the next items that I have in my bag. I have just this little cosmetic bag super lightweight. And of course, I have sunscreen with me this year I am using this sunscreen stick I just think it’s gonna be a lot easier and of course, I do have a big bigger bottle but this is just when I go from beach to beach I have this with me. I also have a cover for my cell phone in case I want to go into the water and carry my phone there.

Now typically, when we go to the beach, my kids are entertained. I mean, of course, I’ll play with them as well. But I feel like this is a great time for me to sit back and read and just relax. I enjoy reading so much but sometimes I feel guilty about all of these activities that I have at home to find some time for me to read and I read at night until I fall asleep. So anyway I am bringing, I always have my Kindle now with me and also my air pods. And another something that I started to do is I have a notebook that I bring with me as well because if I’m reading on the beach or I’m studying or I have some thoughts, I really like to journal on the beach.

It’s not a new thing. I don’t know I love it. I’ve been doing it forever. And I just find that this is the time when I couldn’t get blocks and get all my thoughts down. So I always have a notebook with me. Of course, I have either a visor or some kind of hat with me as well.

And lastly, I have my Cassandra belt bag with me. It’s you know you’re on the beach but maybe you want to go get a bite to eat you want to get up you know you have your money your wallet. I love the gold finish on this because I just feel like it’s very Luxe and it matches with you know, you can match it with your jewelry. And you could dress it up, dress it down. I love it. So I have the Cassandra belt bag with me in my beach bag as well.

And there you have it pretty simple. These are all the items that I have in my beach bag and I’m very curious to hear what you have in your beach bag, please share in the comments below.

And if you got any inspiration from what I’m carrying, I’d love to hear about it too. I hope you have a wonderful summer. I hope this gave you some inspiration to either hit the beach or the pool or find a little bit of relaxed time for yourself to read and to journal.

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time on ADA Style Minute.