It’s that time of year again. Ahh, closet overhaul.

I feel like I just finished arranging my summer clothes and my style clients are already writing in about first signs of frost.

Why can’t we have an endless summer and one wardrobe?

Anyone with me?

Okay, well, maybe you’ll get more excited about fall after seeing today’s video.

(I’ll admit, I got more excited about redoing my closet (+ cooler mornings and smell of cinnamon apple cookies) AFTER I filmed this video too.)

Here’s what I’m sharing in today’s video:

  • My trick for creating a fitted top (even if its untailored and boxy)
  • How to add interest to a simple casual outfit
  • Elongate and slim by adding this topper
  • And how take that topper and restyle it
  • My #1 styling tool to make every outfit look more polished and expensive
  • …and much more


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