Raise your hand if you’ve ever (secretly or not) felt like you looked fat? You’re not alone. Almost every woman I know, even those with a size double zero and a killer body, thinks she looks fat.  But here’s the deal. It’s not you; It’s your clothes.

How else could you explain that some days you look your thinnest and the very next day – when you weigh exactly the same – you think you look fat?

Making strategic clothing choices for your specific body is the secret to looking best in your clothing.  Think back to your favorite outfit or dress. Did you feel skinny and great in it? And why?  It was most likely “made for your body”.

If you’re not sure how to determine your shape and what to wear for your unique shape, go ahead and click here to download our free pdf.  It will save you time, money and frustration.

But let’s go over the tips on how to look slimmer in 7 steps! Watch the video now 🙂

1 – Monochromatic Outfit

What that means is that your top and bottom clothes will have the same color. Most of the time we wear black from head to toe when we want a monochromatic outfit but you can also try burgundy, grey, brown any other color. One-tone outfits make sense because there are no colors breaking your silhouette so you look taller (and of course, slimmer).

You can also highlight your waist with a belt (color on color) to really give yourself that nice silhouette.

Image Credit: Gabi Fresh

Image Credit: InStyle

2 – Scoop Neck

Anything that’s going to help elongate you is going to help you look slimmer. And the scoop neck will help elongate you and show your neck off.

Image Credit: Discover Peach

3 –  Long Necklaces

Again, wearing a long necklace will help elongate you and make you look slimmer.

Image Credit: Une Femme

Image Credit: The Dainty Darling

4 – A Bra that Fits

Yes, sounds funny but a bra that doesn’t fit will make your clothing look bulky. So, make sure you find a bra that fits (avoid the four boobs 🙁 )!

5 – Layering

Layering is a great tool when you want to cover your mid-section and arms.  A long cardigan could be slimming too but be careful its right for your horizontal and vertical body shape.  More on that here. 

Image Credit: Maries Bazaar


Image Credit: Mi Aventura con la Moda


6 – Belts!

A belt will honestly make you look slimmer! I know most people might think it’s the other way around but a belted outfit creates a silhouette and helps to pull together your look.

Image Credit: Incorporate Mode


Image Credit: Mila Style

If you are wearing an oversized cardigan or a blazer you can also belt it to bring it in and make you look more slim.

Image Credit: Humor from the Streets


7 – Nude shoes

Nude shoes elongate your legs and since you look taller you’ll also look slimmer 😉


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