What does every stylish women own and wear? I’ll be talking about that in today’s video!


1 – The perfect pair of pants

That might sounds super obvious but It really depends on your body type. So it’s not about the boyfriend jeans or the flare jeans you should own but how the pants fit on you. Really consider your body shape when picking out he perfect pair of pants ( Download the body shape to know your body type).

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The middle page blog


2 – Classic Pumps

You don’t need to wear them every day but it’s always good to have a classic pump!

3 – Cool Sneakers

They’re having a moment right now and can be worn with pants, skirts, dresses… choose your favorite and you’ll be stylish!

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4 – Quality Leather Handbag

A nice leather handbag never goes out of style and will always upgrade your look.



5 – A Great Fitted Top

A V-neck is always a great go to.


6 -Blazer or Motto Jacket

A nice motto jacket or blazer will help you dress up a little bit and give you the style confidence.

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7 – Cool Sunglasses


Leanne Barlow


8 – Leather Belt Assortment

The last but not least! Belts are the last finishing touch to an outfit. You can belt dresses, jeans, skirt and tops. feel free to play around with them.


Lindsay Albanese


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