by: M.E.L from Polished Professionals

If you have just started your own business, branding yourself on a personal and professional level should be one of your main priorities. Let your personality and style shine, and make your clients and business partners notice you and remember you. Below you will find five tips on making a statement as a female businesswoman and creating the best impressions at work.

1.  Keep it Low-maintenance

Chances are if you just started off in your business, you will not have hours every morning to spare doing your makeup and hair. I think there are a lot of fabulous short hair styles right now – think Scarlett Johansson, Winnie Harlow, or Rihanna.  One idea to make your routine lower maintenance is to try some short hair styles that are easy to style and manage, instead of curling your locks every morning. You could also get some tips on how to style your hair easily. Other ideas are to combine hairbands and clips to keep your hair tidy and out of your face. Straight cut hairstyles are often easier to manage and style.


2. Add a Personal Touch

Creating and styling your work uniform can be a challenge. You need to allow your personality to shine through. If you have a few pant suits or skirt suits, you can add different color blouses and tops to change your looks. If you will notice, I always like to dress up quality work basics.  Wear a scarf or pin to express yourself. Add accessories, such as matching handbags and shoes, and create a style you are comfortable with. I am always adding lightweight jewelry and scarves to my looks to keep them fresh.

3. Make it Look Effortless

The secret to dressing for success is to look effortless and professional. Formal hairstyles can now be created in only a few minutes, thanks to the latest inventions of hair styling tools, to create updos, tight buns, or even braids. The secret is that you need to look as if it only took you a few minutes to get ready in the morning, still appear tidy, well dressed, and stylish. I always pull my hair up in a bun and it is my go to style to finish off a look quickly.

4. Add Variety

Change your looks according to the occasion. You might want to ease off on the makeup on meetings, and use tape in hair extensionswhen you have an office party or a presentation where looks matter more. This way, you can make an impression on new potential partners, and avoid being labeled as boring. You often may see me with bangs – those are extensions and an easy way to dress up my look in no time. Other ideas keep your looks fresh are to use different colors of lipstick or makeup for each outfit.

5. Dress to Impress

You need to remember that whenever you turn up at the office or on a business meeting, you are not selling your services or product, but you have to sell yourself first. See our post on making a great first impression at work. Do you appear like a person who is trustworthy and organized, and knows what they want? If not, you will have to change your personal style. Even though I think you should find your own aesthetic, I do recommend matching the dressing style of your partners, to create rapport. If they wear suits, you should generally follow suit – pun intended.When deciding on your looks in the office and on business meetings, you need to consider the expectations of people you are likely to meet, and their own style. Your appearance is a part of your personal brand, therefore, you need to make an effort to create a unique style and look that impresses those around you and gives out positive vibes.  What are your best work dress tips?
Use arrows below to scroll through the looks pictured here (notice I changed the looks up with different jacket and bag). I also added some of my favorite accessories to dress up my work outfits just to give you some more inspo!