Today I wanted to share with you 7 habits of stylish ladies.

Now, what a habit is, is just a quick easy act, like brushing your teeth, like it doesn’t really require effort or too much planning. You just kind of do it naturally. So these, again, are the 7 habits of stylish ladies that I hope will inspire you.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute! I’m Ada Deferrari, and today we’re talking about 7 habits of stylish ladies. I hope that this video will inspire you and make sure you stay till the end because I will share with you how to also help you acquire some of these habits that these stylish ladies have with ease.

So we’re talking about habits, and a habit is something you just do automatically, that doesn’t take a great amount of energy. Now, I get it, creating a habit, that takes energy. But then, the day today, once you have the habit is super easy! Like brushing your teeth, you don’t really have to think about it. So, these are the things that stylish ladies are doing almost on auto-pilot and I hope it will inspire you!

I’ve been super lucky to have great mentors that taught me about style and showed me some great habits to have. And one of my mentors put together this list and I thought it was too good to not share.

1. So I wanted to share with you the first thing that super stylish ladies do that it’s just a habit, they do it on auto-pilot, and it’s number one: to regularly clean up their closet.


Stylish ladies are not women that hold on to things forever, they are constantly rotating their closet, they’re constantly cleaning things out and making sure that everything is up to date and that it looks beautiful. And their closet is just a nice place to visit because is typically, the first place they visit in the morning and the last place they visit at night. So, stylish ladies just have a habit of every season clean things out, getting rid of things and you’ll rarely find things stuffed in the nook and crannies of a stylish lady’s closet.

So that’s habit number one. It might not be a habit of yours yet, but I’ll share with you at the end how it can be!

2. Number two: stylish ladies know how to dress for their body shape. And that includes when their weight fluctuates, in other words, they gain weight, they lose weight, they know how to dress for their new body type or their new body shape.

Because again, it’s not just the number that goes up, very often our body shape changes. And stylish ladies just know how to spot that, like ‘Hmm, that T-shirt will no longer work, even if I go up two sizes, I’m gonna have to change into this shirt now’. And so, they just have a good habit of not being down on themselves but being confident and knowing exactly how to dress for their body shape.

3. Number three: stylish ladies visit their tailor regularly. A very stylish member of our club was saying how for thirty years she would take all of her clothes to a tailor. And it is such an amazing asset, your tailor. You want to develop an amazing relationship with them because they could really customize your entire closet for you! And of course, as your body shape changes, they’ll, again, create these customized pieces for you! And it’s amazing, so don’t forget the power of a tailor! Definitely, stylish ladies take advantage of these, including Miss Jennifer Aniston! She even has her T-shirts taken in.

4. Number four: stylish ladies plan out their outfits. Now I know that maybe sometimes you feel like ‘Oh, this lady always walks in and she looks so polished, she must just haven woken up like that’. Of course, she didn’t! She took the time to either plan out her outfit in her head, or maybe the week ahead, or what we do in our Style Club and something that teaches how to create a capsule collection.

So what you’d do basically is put together an assortment of clothes at the beginning of a season and for the next two/three months, you don’t even have to think about it because all of your outfits mix and match, including shoes and accessories, and we create like over four hundred outfits with twenty pieces. It’s absolutely possible!

So, it doesn’t matter how you do it, but the point is… All stylish ladies plan out their outfits! It’s just a regular kind of habit.

And another thing that I always like to mention is you always want to consider how you want to feel in your outfit. And so, that’s something also stylish ladies think, like ‘Ok, depending on where I’m going and how I wanna feel, this is how I’m gonna dress’. So, plan out your outfits!

5. Stylish ladies know that style is a way to show on the outside who they are on the inside.

So, they’re not usually going up to a mannequin and saying ‘Hmm, I want all of these because I don’t even want to think about how to put together an outfit’. I mean, maybe if that outfit speaks to her style, then yes. But a lady who really knows herself on her inside will show it on the outside through her style, through the accessories she chooses, through the colors, the way that she puts together the outfit… Again, is nothing that she necessarily was born with, it’s just practice. She’s developed practice, she’s been planning out her outfits and she now is really able to say who she is on the outside with her style.

6. And very often a stylish lady will have a set uniform. Again, I mentioned Jennifer Aniston before, so if you think of Jennifer Aniston you think of a really nice well-fitted T-shirt and jeans, or you think maybe like a little fitted slip dress or a fitted jumpsuit. She just always looks super polished and super sharp. But I feel like she does definitely have a signature style and a uniform. Angelina Jolie, I think also has a very much of a uniform.

And a uniform doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wearing the same exact outfit every single day. Maybe the same outfit formula.

My outfit formula is usually nice basics and then a blazer or a cardigan over. It’s just a layering formula and I throw on a necklace, earrings, a belt and that’s usually my uniform and kind of my signature look.

So, it doesn’t again mean that you’re just repeating the same exact outfit, but maybe the same exact formula. And it just makes it so much easier to get dressed as well!

7. And last but not least… All of the ladies that I know that show up and are very polished and elegant, they’ve taken the time to get ready.

So they’ve scheduled out this time. They’re not doing their hair and their makeup like wet hair and doing their make up quickly in the car or like running in and like still doing things in the elevator or just completely forgot about makeup and hair all together… I feel like you just need to kind of schedule out that time and also know that this special time is productive. Because is going to give you confidence, is going to show respect to others and also it’s just going to show that you care about yourself! And I think that’s really important.

So, these are the 7 habits that stylish ladies have. Now you might be asking like ‘Ok, but how do I develop these habits?’. So one of the ways that I’ve learned to develop habits is to always tuck on the new habit onto something else that you’re already doing. For example, let’s say that you’re brushing your teeth every day. So if we’re talking about exercising, one of the things that you can do as you’re brushing your teeth, you’re doing like calf races. That’s something that I do, I just tucked it on cause I wanted it to become a habit.

Perhaps what you can do in terms of beauty for scheduling out the time, is like you have everything lined up on your beauty products and your makeup, you set yourself up and it just stars to tuck it on to maybe shower, brush teeth, and then the third thing before you leave the restroom is put on makeup and do your hair. You just tuck it on to something else.

The other thing I’ve done to tuck things on is when I have my coffee, right before, I make my coffee, so I get the coffee started and then I go to my yoga and then I go back to the coffee machine. I’ve just tucked it on with that one trying to develop that habit.

So, the other thing you can do as well like at night you’re putting your clothes away and make sure you take something out of your closet that you’re not wearing anymore. So you tuck it on: putting clothes away – taking one thing out. It could just be a habit like that. So again, tuck it on to something that you’re already doing.

But if you want to dive a little bit deeper I actually have a Style Workshop coming up and I’ll be covering all of the ways to dress for your body type, dress for your body shape, and I’ll be specifically speaking about some of these habits in my Style Workshop and exactly how to do it and kind of to show you the path for your particular lifestyle, body type and body shape. I hope you can join me for that!

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