Wondering How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe?

In this video, I give you quick tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe that is colorful and fits your lifestyle.


Let me start the Saturday’s Style Series and share with you what I would be telling these individual ladies. At the end of the day  is about empowering you, about helping you look and feel beautiful and confident. As much as we don’t want to admit it, style is such a vital part of how we feel every day because when you’re dressing for success and feel and look amazing, you’ll do better, you’ll have more energy and you’ll be more productive. Science has even shown this. Google it!

The last question I received was actually about how to put together outfits quickly and easily. If you haven’t watched this video on ‘How to put together a capsule collection‘, then go and check it out, there I give you the entire step-by-step on how to put together a capsule collection.

But here in this video I just wanted to do a quick summary, because this is where I feel ladies get stuck.

When we think about a capsule collection, typically we just think of neutral colors, we think white, black, beige, navy. Just very basic colors that mix and match, right? But what I wanted to point now and what I wanted to share with you is that a capsule collection doesn’t have to only be neutrals. It could actually be a color pallet of your desire.

What I did here, is that I brought these ladies friends of mine to show you how to put together a color capsule collection. So whether right now you’re staycation or you’re lounging around the house or even going to work, you can put together a capsule collection, so you can get ready like super fast!

And again what is super awesome about a capsule is that you can mix and match pieces, everything is very cohesive, so you can get ready quick. Anything that you grab from your closet will fit and look nice with whatever bottoms you have. I actually have multiple capsules in my closet and this capsule here is kind of my staycation capsule. The very first thing you need to do is: you want to come up with a color theme or a theme or color palette.

As you can see this is far from boring… I have whites, I have this green, these greens and blues and pinks and khaki.

So basically what I want you to think is if you had to do a window display in a department store then what pieces would you pick out that all look very cohesive? That’s basically how you can get started with a capsule collection.

Very often I will work with clients they’re like “I’m super lost, I’m packing, I’m trying to get ready for a trip and nothing seems to mix and match, I love these tops and I love these bottoms but they just don’t match”. So, if you start off with just building a capsule around color then you know everything is going to mix and match and you don’t have to just go all black or all white necessarily, you can bring in the color.

Here I have this khaki romper, which is super cute and then I belted it with one of our ADA Collection belts here, I have a tie-dye maxi dress and what’s cool about belting a maxi dress is actually it’ll help you tailor the dress and it’ll create this waistline. In this particular dress I actually like belting it down below and then bellowing it out so you don’t always have to belt high on the waist or empire you could actually belt lower and then kind of bellow things out, it’ll take it up a little notch and then all of these necklaces and jewelry pieces that I have could also mix and match and then you don’t have to also have as many shoes or handbags because that one pair of shoes or two pairs of shoes could really elevate all of these different looks and same thing with a handbag you don’t have to necessarily have like 50 000 handbags, I mean you could but not for this capsule you can have one and everything will mix and match.

For this look here I have this like little green top with this tie-dye skirt and then a peplum top here but basically the idea is that that peplum could work with this skirt, this shirt could also work with this and this so everything can mix and match and yes I have more skirts and like rompers and stuff you can have more tops and shorts but the idea is that you start off with a color palette.

For your color palette it could be blues and greens, it could be bright pinks and yellows, it could be purple, so choose a color, a pop color and then pair it nicely with your neutral. So one pop color, two pop colors and then build your capsule around that but do check out this video again on how to build a capsule collection and then you can view this video on how to mix and match color.

I hope this gave you some inspiration and hope you can get into your closet and shop your closet right now and put together these little capsules based on color it’s really fun actually, I had one of my my Style Club students saying she loves fuchsia and pinks and so she put together really cute capsule with pink, grey and black. Another lady put to put her capsule with like grey, blue and white and that was really cute as well. Red, blue, white and black was another one and it just looked really cute so again have fun with it, shop your closet, wear what you have in there because I’m sure you’ve got lots of little golden nuggets that you can put on and make yourself look and feel super confident and wonderful.

Leave a comment for me below if you like this video give me a thumbs up let me know any style questions you might have and be sure to follow me here on instagram where I’m sharing with you daily tips tricks and my outfits of the day and if you haven’t already joined me for my Friday style sessions  to also answer any of your questions that might come up after this series. Again, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on at Ada Style Minute.


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