How To Dress Better for Work? According to a Stylist, there’s a few key things you should pay attention to to dress better this year and you’ll learn the quick tips in this video.

1 . Know Your Body Shape

Learn how to dress for your body type using the body shape calculator HERE and I swear you will feel so much more confident and so much better dressing for work every morning.

I also have a E-book on how to dress for your body shape HERE.

2. Embrace a Neutral Color Palette

Please, I’m not asking you to ditch colors. Colors are great and can give you so much personality, but having a few neutral pieces in your wardrobe, such as a good pair of dark jeans, trousers and a couple of neutral tops like a button down shirt and a black blazer will give you options to mix and match.

If you’re wondering how to easily mix and match outfits I have this video for you >> CLICK HERE

3. Make Time for Grooming

One thing that I’m so guilt of is letting my hair dray and go… but if I just take just 5 minutes to blow dry my hair and add some curves in it I’d look so much better. So just take a few minutes for your hair and through on some blush and lipstick too and that will give you more confidence and make you look super chic and polish.

4. Take Time to Learn Something New

Yes, take some time for you to learn more about styling and dressing for your shape. I have a lot of videos here on the blog that will help you getting to the next level.

5. Rediscover Your Personal Style

Show your personality through your clothes. Take the time to explore your style and be very intentional about what you put in your wardrobe.


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