How to Dress For an Inverted Body Shape: Wedge Shape

OK –  can we talk about how amazing you look?

You already are amazing but you look amazing too. Being around you is uplifting.  You make me want to try harder and that’s a good thing.  You put everyone around you in a good mood without even having to say anything.  The way you show up shows you respect us.  And you’ve got swag.  I want everything you wear.  I saw those peeps checking you out!  Can you shop for me?  By the way, tell me your secret of how you slimmed down overnight!  Wait, no diet?  Wow, you just have AMAZING style.

Isn’t that nice to hear?

Well, it’s what you’ll hear when you apply all the Dress Your Shape tools.

But if you’re not ready to embark on a short style journey quiet yet, you can watch today’s video instead.

This answers a questions I got from Donn – What store should I shop for my body shape?  (She thought she was between a wedge/apple shape.)

Ahhhhh I wish it was that easy.

But… unfortunately there’s one other step you have to take before knowing what store to shop.

summarize it in today’s video (and I do focus on the wedge/apple body shape).

So go on over to watch it, comment and have a super great weekend!


“Where do I shop for my body shape” was the question I got from Don, an Ada Defe insider. She had used the body shape calculator on to determine which shape she was and she was the wedge shape and now she wanted to know  what specific stores to shop in when shopping for her body shape.

I so badly wish that I could tell you that one outfit, that one store, one brand that carries clothes exactly to your body shape but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The first thing you wanna do is A) Determine your body shape. Don figured out she was a wedge body shape so what does that mean? A wedge body shape means that you’re bigger on top, either your bust or your shoulders are bigger in proportion to your hips. Our style challenge here is to create more volume to maximize the bottom part of Don’s body to create a balance and of course accentuate the waist as a bonus.

And how do we do that?

First of all, you want to determine weather or not you want to show off your shoulders. I have many clients that although they are wedge shape, they really like their shoulders and want to show off them, in fact they will wear tops like the one I’m wearing now:

This top makes your shoulder looks bigger and therefore your waist look smaller and of course accentuating it with a belt always helps making this area looking even smaller, but if you’re somebody that doesn’t want to accentuate your shoulders then this is the opposite type of top you want to wear, maybe you want to cover your shoulders.

In order to minimize or to maximize, the idea is that you were going to minimize your upper body and maximize your lower body. You can wear black as a color that will minimize and you can wear lighter brighter color that will maximize. However, you will not only stuck in wearing black for the rest of your life, it’s just a matter of balancing. If you are going to wear a solid top with pattern at the bottom, that’s creating a balance. If you were going to wear a darker top, it could be a french blue, could be fuchsia, could be yellow, then just make sure you wear a lighter color such as white down at the bottom, that way you’re creating that balance.

The other great thing to do if you’re balancing your upper and lower body is to wear a wider pant. It could be a strength leg, a palazzo pant, a culotte, anything that will be bigger down at the bottom to create a balance between your upper body and even if you’re not a wedge shape this is a great point of reference, in order to create balance, use color or use shape.

Another tip of what you can do to create that shape is wearing peplum tops. Now, peplum tops don’t always mean like this dress kind of top, it’s just means it’s fit and flatter. You can fit up on top and then you can flatter out and creates this hourglass shape. It builds an hourglass, essentially is what a peplum top does and it’s wonderful. And now at the bottom you can go with a little bit of wider pant leg or you can go with a lighter color comparing to your top.

Now, if you’re someone that has a wedge shape and you’re bigger up on top but also you gain weight in the tummy area, you’re between an apple and a wedge shape, that’s common too, again you just want to create the balance in your lower and upper body. What I see very often: women that have a little bit more of weight up on top love to show off their legs, which is great, as you should because you got killer legs, however if you’re wearing like legs or something really tight at the bottom, it will actually accentuate and make the top look bigger. Just be aware of that. If you do love leggings or more fitted silhouettes down at the bottom, then you could opt for tops that are more asymmetrical or have kind of some unique shape up on top so it created that balance.

As you can see, it’s really difficult to say exactly what store to shop at for your body shape, because it just depends on so many things. Are you going to be choosing certain silhouettes to balance your body type… certain color combination… are you true wedge shape or apple body shape… maybe a little bit in between… so it’s difficult to say but it’s important to know what shape you’re and then what silhouettes and what colors flatter your body shape. That way you can use google or youtube or go to Pinterest and type in some of these search words and shop for your body type that way. So, peplum is great, palazzo pants are great for you and of course it just depends on your color preference such as “navy top and colorful bottoms” whatever that might be.

If you want to learn more on how to dress for your body shape you’ll want to check out the body shape guide, it’ll help you calculate your body shape and then I also have suggestions for each body shape for you there you can also join me for my Friday style session where I am talking about fit fabric silhouettes and how to dress for the body shape you have.

I hope that this video helped you and gave you some ideas on going into your closet and creating some cool outfits. I’m super curious which one of these outfit formulas is your favorite? Leave a comment for me below, let me know and be sure to tune in next Saturday for style Saturday where I’m answering your biggest style frustrations.