If you’re someone who feels like style is not a part of your DNA, or you feel like ‘I’d love to feel stylish, but I just feel like it takes too much time’, or ‘I’m not really sure of what to do’, or ‘my body shape has changed, I’m older now, I don’t need style, that’s for the youngest’… Well, if that’s you, then this video is for you! Because I have 3 super easy outfits that will take you from frumpy, from those outfits that are maybe not super stylish, and I’ll show you how I’ve restyled them to elevate these really simple jean looks. Stay tuned!

1. For the first outfit, that’s maybe a little bit on the frumpy side that we’re going to elevate, is this very simple hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and running shoes.

Now, I’ve worn this outfit before and I’ve personally felt frumpy in it, and these are all pieces in my closet. I love the sweatshirt, I love the jeans and I love the tennis shoes, it’s just I don’t feel like they don’t go together very well.

So first of all, we’re going to break up the sweatshirt and jeans, because I just feel that these 2 pieces are just not going together. The sweatshirt is very casual, is very sporty, and maybe kind of put down the jeans. So, the jeans are actually the main, that we’re going to talk about it in a second. So, just a quick fix for this outfit, is I’m going to take the sweatshirt, I’m gonna pair it with a pair of leggings, maybe like a street-styled shoe and we’re done with this one!

Let’s talk about jeans for a second. So jeans and shoes go together. So you can take a great pair of jeans like the ones that I’m wearing here in this video, and if your pair them with a pair of tennis shoes, it kind of just puts the jeans down. So, it’s not your body, it’s not your body shape, it’s not the jeans, it’s just the marriage of the jeans and the shoes together. So, you do wanna check out maybe my video over on Instagram that I’ve posted here that will show you kind of pairings of how to wear bootcut jeans with shoes.

2. And for my second outfit, this is also a very simple outfit. Here I have just kind of an oversized knit sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and also those same tennis shoes that I’ve just, you know… The tennis shoes stick with, whether the running shoes or tennis shoes, put them with your kind of your sports capsule if you will. And maybe kind of keep streetwear together with streetwear, and then put the sporty site aside. Maybe not mix it up so much, because sometimes it does lead to a little bit of frumpiness. So, with this outfit and really simple changes, all you really have to do is, first of all, maybe a little bit of grooming. Now, I have my hair up in a ponytail, ends are kind of flying everywhere, I don’t have any makeup on.

So, 2 minutes later, just put your hair down, kind of maybe put a couple of curls in… Like the grooming, I think really helps with elevating the outfit. And then I threw on a necklace, I tucked it in and instead of wearing tennis shoes, I wanted to kind of elevate my outfit with a pop color, with a red boot. Now, you don’t have to do this, you can keep it very classy, but I think it adds nice interest to the outfit.

So again, we went from kind of a little more of a frumpy not so interesting classic look with just the navy tucked out of the jeans. Then we’ve tucked it in, we added a necklace, we added color in the shoe, and we’ve just elevated it super simple, it doesn’t matter your age, your body shape, yes… It doesn’t matter your style DNA! I mean, these are really easy tweaks that you can make to your outfits.

3. Now, in this third outfit here, I’m wearing a printed floral top kind of tucked out, and then I have a cardigan and I’m wearing those same jeans that I had shown you in the first outfit with some ballet flats. A very common outfit, I see women dressing it up for the workplace and, I mean, it’s maybe a very casual environment, so this is kind of like a go-to, easy go-to, right? But it does lead to feeling a little bit frumpy, again, I’ve been there, done that, I’ve had my style clients come to me like ‘What’s going on with my outfit?! I don’t feel very powerful in this outfit, and I am a manager, and I just.. What is going on here?!’

So, the first thing is that print, I’m not saying that print is bad, but floral print does take tend to age you a little bit. Solids, however, are more powerful. So, maybe instead of the floral top, you want to opt for a solid color top. Also, maybe instead of a cardigan that doesn’t have a lot of structure, and it’s just a little bit floppy in a way, you can elevate your outfit with a blazer. So a blazer doesn’t have to be super structured and uncomfortable. You can go with a cotton blazer, you can roll up the sleeves, you can give it a bit of a casual look.

I’m wearing a cotton light T-shirt underneath, also very comfortable, very casual. But it gives the outfit a little bit of like that elevated umph. And especially if you work in an environment and you’re maybe the boss lady or a manager. Dressing with a little bit more, a tiny bit more, of structure instead of like more of the floppy kind of cardiganish look, you could put a little bit of structure in your outfit and it just not only helps your posture, and you feel more confident, but you just look more, a little bit more structured, a little bit more polished. And I think that it makes your words even stronger when you speak out. So this is a really easy outfit.

And then, when it comes to the pants… Again, these are the pants that I wear in the first outfit, they just don’t work with ballet flats or with tennis shoes, unfortunately, because it’s a bootcut, and bootcut do tend to look good with a little bit of a heel.

There you have it! 3 outfits, really easy to elevate, take them from frumpy to fabulous, from the kind of like those mom jeans that you’re pairing with tennis shoes to suddenly a boss lady outfit. I mean, these are all pieces that I have in my closet and it’s just sometimes the combination of mixing them in a certain way that leads you feeling not very confident, and then mixing them up again and suddenly you’re like ‘Uh, I’m feeling like a boss lady! Kids, listen up!’

So, anyway, these are 3 simple outfits. Let me know if you have any questions if you wanna DM me or email me any images of outfits. You can even chop off my head if you’re not feeling comfortable with me, saying ‘who you are?!’. That’s totally fine, if you just wanna work on outfits I can definitely help you.

And, I also have a couple of free pieces down below, an ‘Essentials Checklist’ of great items to have in your closet that really do create beautiful outfits mixing and matching. These are simple pieces that whichever way you mix and match do, again, give you awesome outfits. And also, a ‘Dress your Shape Calculator’. So, if you’re wondering like ‘what jeans should I wear for my body shape?’, or ‘which tops look best on me?’. Then, you’ll wanna download that Body Shape Calculator that I’ll give you your body shape, and also suggestions on how to dress for your body shape.

I hope this video was helpful, share it with your friends if you find it valuable! Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!

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