This week’s theme seems to be all about restyling what we’re wearing in new ways.

And I think it’s great we’re talking about it because why keep buying new clothes…

…Why not look for new ways to wear what we already have in our closet by adding a few summer wardrobe essentials.

That’s what today’s video is about.

Just a fair warning the first item I mention is a “clothing item” but I know you have it in your closet (and maybe not wearing it.)

So, in the spirit of wearing what we already have, I challenge you to just wear it once this week.

Make it casual. Make it comfortable. And just see how you feel.

Have a great weekend and keep styling, my friend, because the world wants to see on the outside the creative and beautiful soul you are on the inside.



My favorite style of dress for summer is a maxi dress, it’s super comfortable and I feel super fresh with it, but I do have my top 3 dresses for summer:


The white dress is amazing to have because it’s almost like you have a white canvas that you can use your creativity. You can put on any topper (denim jacket, a long sleeve shirt, leather jacket,  a shirt), accessories, shoes, belts.

Kelley from @50shadesofstylebykelley wearing ADA Collection belt


The wrap dress is the kind of dress that is very flattering for most shapes. There’s so many different styles that you can choose from! One tip: make sure the wrap part of the dress is placed in the smallest part of your waist.


3.  HAT

It keeps the sun out of your face and also protects your hair.



ADA Collection belts can add a pop of color to your outfit and help to define your waistline. Combine with your favorite dress and you have the perfect combo for Summer.

Lunch with a girl friend
Belt: ADA Collection wrap belt

Her fashion ed life
Belt: ADA Collection skinny wrap belt

Confessions of a super ager
Belt: ADA Collection wrap belt

Enjoy ADA Collection SUMMER SALE




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