What Neurosurgery Has to Do with Fashion?

I know that you’ll agree with me, as much as you don’t want to, that looks matter.

Absolutely it’s important on what’s inside a person’s heart and mind- but long before we speak when we walk into a room, people are looking at us and picking up visual cues.

What we wear is an expression of who we are.

And the fact that what we wear affects the perception others have of us and how we feel about ourselves. This couldn’t have been more apparent to me than at a recent medical graduation of neurosurgery I attended to support my brilliant graduating friend and his colleagues.

Clearly this was an event attended by the top 2% of the most intelligent people in the world (literally). I wasn’t one of the geniuses but I was honored and humbled by the contributions to the medical field all of these people have made.

What does this have to do with fashion and style?

I’m getting there.

I was closely observing two particular people at this event.

Sarah, the graduating phd, neuroscience doctored with 14 world awards and 20+ publications.

Jen, a friend of mine who was attending the graduation with her fiancé from a top medical research institute where she recently started her job as an Oncologist. Also has many publications, awards- oh and that certificate called a PHD.

The woman graduating couldn’t have been more proud of herself. I mean, all those awards and publications! But her appearance and demeanor didn’t show it. She wore a tight pink dress that didn’t flatter her figure (and was for the wrong occasion). Her hair was a bit messy, she didn’t have on any make up and her body language and posture expressed she had low self-esteem and was feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious all evening. She’d dropped her head often, crossed her arms and hunched over.

A brilliant doctor that operates on our brains and spines with low self-esteem?


Observation two.

A pharmaceutical rep walks up to my friends fiancé and starts talking to him. She’s wearing a beautiful dress, she has great posture and speaks confidently.

My friend looks over at them, hunches over and gets another helping of h’orderves and begins to tell me that she doesn’t like her outfit. She feels very uncomfortable with the 20 lbs. she’s gained and feels she’s giving up on herself.

A brilliant doctor that helps cure cancer with low self-esteem? Feeling intimidated by another woman who walks up to her fiancé? I mean, my friend can’t be more brilliant. A better hearted person. How does this work!?!?!

Well, it happens all the time!

Would both of these scenarios be different had the women wore dresses that flattered their figures that made them feel more beautiful and confident? Would they still have poor posture after receiving compliments for their accomplishments in respective fields and on their gorgeous dress outfits, hair and make-up?


Something so materialistic and vain sounding can have so much power over us!?

Yes, it can.

Society has put so much focus on looks that the pendulum swung the opposite way for many.

But we’re forgetting that we can’t fight nature.

Looks STILL matter.

Our self-image still matters.

It’s our self-expression. It affects our emotions. It affects perceptions.

Don’t ever ever give up on yourself because you’re worth it!

You’re brilliant. You have unique talents. You’re beautiful.

Enroll here and show the world the BEST you with your signature style.

Take some time to make YOU a priority. Because no one else will.

Do it before it’s too late.




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