I recently spoke at a fitness club to women on their style journey about dressing for their shape and what I realized from that workshop is that you learn more about what to wear when you hear what NOT to wear.

Funny how that works.

So, I filmed a video for you today that talks about what to wear and what NOT to wear for your body shape this fall.

Pay attention to the shape that is opposite of yours to really drive this point.

Everything you see in the presentation is from Banana Republic.

This is not a sponsored video or anything, but I thought I’d be easier for you to shop if I stuck to one place.

And of course, the belts are from ADA Collection.

Hope you find this super helpful and if you do, please leave me a comment below the video AND tell a friend about it!

Super appreciate you reading and watching these videos every week.

My secret dream is that they give you at least a glimmer of inspiration to be the very best version of yourself every day.

Love life and do great and amazing things!



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