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Now in today’s video, I want to talk about the items you don’t need in your closet.

It’s causing you decision fatigue, it’s kind of pulling you down… You don’t need it!  And the first item is anything that’s NOT comfortable, you gotta get rid of. If you saw last week’s video on Spring Trends, go back and watch it right here. Because one of the trends that I talked about that is here to stay for at least the next few years is… comfort.

So get rid of anything that’s not comfortable, that’s restricting your breathing, shirts you’re constantly having to pull on, pants you’re constantly having to hike up … or shoes that give you blisters. If it’s not comfortable, it’s gotta go. And yes. Even that cute dress. I’m sure you have that cute dress that you saw online or that you saw in the store and you just can’t wait to take it off when you wear it because it’s way too itchy or whatever it might be. So… let’s get rid of her too.

Anything that is truly uncomfortable to wear is not worth sacrificing just in the name of fashion.  You can absolutely still be fashionable and comfortable. Yes, even in a dress!

And I just think that it’s important that fashion or style supports you and is a tool to help you accomplish your goals. So, if it’s not making you happy, comfortable and confident… it’s gotta go.

Next up… Anything that will not support you in the next year (or two).

So if you think about how your life and how it will look in the next year or so… Are you working from home indefinably, are you going back to the office, are you looking for a new job, a new position, are you going to take any vacations, any trips, conferences… are your clothes going to support you, are you going to be wearing those clothes that you have in that space, which is called “your closet”?

Now, if you have too many items in your closet, it’s causing decision fatigue. So, one of my suggestions is maybe you’ll eventually, maybe3 years down the line wear some of those clothes? And in the meantime, if you’re not gonna wear it, either kind of push it off to the side so it’s not like “boom” right there in your face, box it up, put it away. Because anytime you’re going into your closet and you’re trying to figure out what to wear, those conference outfits for example that you’re not gonna be wearing any time soon are taking up decision space in your closet. And it’s just kind of pulling you down!

So anything 1) that’s not comfortable and 2) anything that is not supporting you this year, you just want to either set aside or put away. Or get rid of it!

Next up, anything that doesn’t fit you well and can’t be tailored to fit you well. I mean anything that’s too big, anything that’s too small, too long, too short, and that you can’t have it tailored for your body… Then get rid of it.  What’s the point of holding on to clothes, again, that aren’t fitting you right and aren’t doing something for you. And I know that sometimes it’s hard to get rid of clothes that are sentimental or that you spent a lot of money on. But it’s just going to take you down and it’s going to take down your mood.

Your morning should be filled with light and happiness and I know that when I open up my closet and see clothes inside that don’t fit… I know it reminds me of what I haven’t done… that I haven’t taken to the tailor, or maybe that I’ve gained weight.  So, just get rid of it!

In fact, I have a free style class (click on the image!) all about figuring out what clothes fit you best.  If you’re ever feeling like “If only I could get rid of this, this or that, or arms, then I’ll be happy.!”. You don’t have to. It’s not you, it’s your clothes, and I have this free style class, I show you exactly what rise of pants to wear, fabric, silhouettes… what’s more suitable for YOUR body type and your body shape. So check that out!

And while you’re at it… get rid of anything you don’t love!  I know, your mom got you that purse, and that shirt and aunt Mary bought you that hat and scarf.. but if you don’t love it, If it’s not you, if it’s not making you happy when you wear it (not your mom happy but YOU happy), it will be our secret… but you can get rid of it!

Give it to someone that will LOVE it.  She can find it at goodwill or a consignment store.  One of my friends is actually the best consignment shopper and any time she gets something new she is ecstatic, so thrilled about it, so joyful. And she just knows how to put together outfits in this cute boho eclectic taste and it makes it all work. So, she might be aunt Mary’s hat and she’ll love it! She’ll show it off to all of her friends, and so, let her have fun with Mary’s hat and scarf! Maybe it’s not you, it could be her.

So, honestly, it’s sustainable to take your clothes to a consignment store and while you’re there.. you can look around to see if there’s something you love more.  When you love everything in your closet, you’ll feel lighter, brighter, and happier.  Because honestly, your closet is probably the first place you visit in the morning and the last place you visit at night. So let it uplift you!

Along the same lines… get rid of things that are no longer your style.  You might love a scarf and find it very pretty. But if it’s no longer your style, it’s okay to let it go.  I’ve seen my style changes over the last years and I had accessories, shoes that were in perfect condition, blazers that were also gorgeous, but they were no longer my style.  So why hold on to them?

And I know, it’s hard because you’ve spent good money on it, I get it! I’m personally not a minimalist and I envy the people that just can get rid of things super quickly and easily. For me, it does hurt as well. I’m not a person that necessarily could detox weekly or monthly, I don’t have the guts sometimes to do it! So, I really have to talk myself through some of these points and I have to also think about the end goal. So maybe that will help you.

If you can have a closet that is super beautiful, boutique-like-looking, if that’s your goal and that’s always kind of what I think about, is it worth getting rid of some things? And to me, it is.

So, what I do and my little trick is, again, I go through all of these points that I had mentioned in this video and get rid of these items, and what I do, is I bag them or box them away and I ask my husband to take them over to the consignment store for me because sometimes just that entire trip is hard. So I arrange it ahead of time, you could also arrange for somebody to pick them up, they lots of services like that too. For me, it’s just easier to pull them off very quickly but I’ve already done the work and I put in the thought ahead of time.

The other thing that also helps me, again, is just knowing that somebody else is going to get lots of use and joy out of these things. Like I don’t have to hold on to it and just stuff it in my closet and let it collect dust, but somebody else is gonna be wearing it. So again, I’m really after that beauty aspect but also bringing joy to somebody else’s closet.

So, there you have it! These are the 5 things to get rid of.  Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be getting rid of and if you found this video helpful.

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Again, thanks so much again for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.

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