Hello beautiful lady! Popping in on your screen today for this Ada Style Minute just to remind you of one simple thing: THAT YOUR STYLE MATTERS.

Yes, I know. It’s sometimes exhausting but it really does matter. Now, on one hand, it matters because, yes, we interact with other people and then they see us, and in order for them to know that you’re a super genius, and you’re extremely hilarious, and you’re this awesome person, they first look on the outside, and they see you as an awesome person, and she looks like an awesome person, and then they approach you. But that’s not what we’re gonna talk about today.

Okay, I’ve talked about this experiment before, but I’ll talk to you about it again just showing how style does matter.

So there’s an experiment done, and one set of people was given a painter’s cloak, so it’s like that white robe and they were said that’s a painter’s robe. And then another one is given the same exact, but they said it was like a doctor’s lab coat. And right after that, they were given their apparel to wear the cloak, send the doctor’s lab coat, they were given a math test. And this experiment was done many times. But the results were that’s a group of people that thought they were wearing the doctor’s coat, actually performed significantly better on the Math test than the group that was wearing the painter’s clothes.

Now, why? I mean, you’ve probably had your own experiment that whenever you wear whatever empowers you, whenever you’re wearing something that gives you confidence, YOU PERFORM BETTER.

So, try it! Try it out today, try it out tomorrow, try it out this weekend! Just try it out because I guarantee that this experiment will work on you too.

Another quick story that doesn’t have anything to do with clothes, but I just recently went to see an interior designer, I was picking out colors for a remodel, and I wanted to show him kind of like the color palette that I have chosen for him to agree to disagree, help me pick out some colors. And one of the particular colors that I had picked out, which was actually for my daughter’s room, he said “no to this color, no, we can’t do this. It’s a color of aggression, is going to be too aggressive for a little girl’s room”. And I thought it was really interesting how we leave your environment and you know that your environment really affects your mood, your environment affects your performance and, in this case, he was saying that the color blue in the tone that we had chosen was too aggressive for a little girl’s room.

So, if you could imagine that interior designer saying this about the environment, which I think that you and I would agree that your environment does really affect you, your clothes affect you as well. Not only the fit of your clothes, but also the quality of your clothes, and also the color of your clothes. All of those things have an effect on our performance. Experience has proven this and I’m sure your own experiments have proven it as well.

So, go into your closet, pick out six tops, three bottoms, items that go together well but also make you feel super confident.

Set those aside, and were those pieces for the next couple of days, and I promise you will feel better. Because WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD, and you do good with more confidence.

So, that’s the quick Ada Style Minute for today. I hope this will help you, I hope this is a great reminder for you as well.

And if you feel like you need additional support on yourself, I have a great course called DYS (Dress Your Shape), I’ll leave the link down below for you if you’d like to sign up for it. It’s a self-study class, you’ll just go through it at your own pace, but I’m there for you as well. You can email me images like your outfits, your questions, or whatever it might be. So I do a little bit of hand-holding through the course as well.

So I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!



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