One day you’re super hot, the next day you’re cold again and then you’re hot again, and then you get hot flashes… And it just sucks!

So how do you address your wardrobe for all of that? That’s what today’s video is all about.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. Today we’re talking about how to dress for hot flashes.

Now, you know that I’m all about the capsule collections and if you don’t, you wanna see this video that I just filmed the other day for fall. Now, many of my clients love having capsule collections because there’s a time in their life where they can’t wear necessarily everything in their closet. Yes, the typical ‘I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’. Maybe you’ve heard that.

So I had that time when I was pregnant, many of my clients had it when they had body shape changes, and now during the hot flash times. So, what do you want to consider and what do you wanna include in your capsule collection during these very difficult and frustrating times?

This is very fresh for me because I’ve literally just helped two clients back to back to put together their capsules. We went through their whole closet, we picked out these particular pieces that are gonna be very comfortable and very confident in, and so yeah!

1. This is the first thing that I told them to do. First and for most, make sure you wear very comfortable undergarments. Undergarments including bras, underwear, tanks that are 100% cotton. Or at least 99% cotton, because cotton is a natural fiber, it’s very breathable, you wanna make sure to be super comfortable. If you’re wearing a bra with an underwire, make sure that’s nice and covered. And also, there’s a lot of different bras right now that are like the bralettes, that maybe don’t have an underwire if you don’t wear one or if you don’t need one. But start with undergarments first.

2. Ok, next we move on to the rest of your wardrobe. So when we were choosing clothes for my client’s capsule collection, we were definitely opting for clothing that was breathable. In other words, that were made with natural fibers. So it could include cotton, it could include linen, it could include bamboo… Anything that’s very breathable is very important, at least 99% cotton or 99% natural fibers because it’s going to be breathable. Otherwise, it’s almost like putting a surround wrap around your body, and then expecting it to breathe. Like you get super hot, or you get super cold, and it just doesn’t help. So, keep it breathable, keep it a natural fiber.

3. So, opting for tops that have those little details it’s just gonna make you look and feel more feminine, more confident instead of you wearing like this oversized bag. So, definitely opt for things that are a little bit more tailored, not tight, yes breathable, but make sure that they’re not oversized.

And when I’m talking about tailored, I mean bringing them, like you can take a sweatshirt or a shirt and kind of bring it down the sides like this a little bit more, so just that it’s not even touching your body necessarily, not necessarily touching your sides, but it just gives you that shape. Also, peplum tops are great tops to also opt for, or empire. You just wanna make sure that it’s fitted in nicely throughout the chest and the shoulders, and then it could be a little bit loose around the tummy area.

The same goes for pants. So, lucky you right now the wider pant is in. So you wanna make sure also your pants are breathable. Now again, a very easy mistake to make is to opt for polyester. Because there’s a lot of cute trousers in polyester, but try to go for something a little bit more breathable and that it’s not gonna get you super hot. So just look at the tags! Sometimes we just touch fabric and we like it, but make sure you look at the label, at least during these times because we want a breathable fabric for you.

4. Ok, the next tip is layering. Now again, you probably instinctively know this as well. But layering is amazing. You can wear a little tank or like a shawl and then put something over it. But again, look at the label, make sure it’s a natural fiber, and you can wear scarves too. Some women that I work with are like ‘Oh my God, no no, no scarves!’. But if you opt for like natural fiber or linen, something light-weighted, you can wear scarves. And you just keep your chest warm here when you need it. And then you can kind of loosen it up when you are too cold. Because it’s true, you get cold and you get hot.

5. One thing that was very common when I was pregnant, was you kind of just don’t wanna care for a minute. You’re like ‘I’m pregnant, I don’t care, I don’t care’. But it’s a slippery slope. So the same thing during this time of menopause, during these times of hot flashes, do still make yourself a priority! Yes, of course, you wanna be comfortable but do take the time for those small little details. So, as I mentioned, if you’re gonna opt for a sweatshirt, opt for something a little bit more cutesie, like something that it’s a little bit more detailed. Opt for a necklace, throw on some earrings… Something to still make yourself feel confident. This is a difficult time, and your confidence is really important.

And if you feel like you’re almost going there, then sign up for this class that I have, let me get you back in. You can join one of our courses, one of our style courses and we’ll get you back in the game because it’s important that you stay calm, you stay confident, you stay stylish.

So, I hope this video gave you some inspiration, ideas on what to wear during these times of hot flashes when you’re choosing items for your capsule collection. Again, it doesn’t have to be everything from your closet, just pick smart. These are gonna be the 20 items that everything in there you want to be able to have it mixed and matched, and that will make you look and feel amazing!

So hit me up in the comments if you have any questions, if you have additional tips that you want to share with the ladies.

And join me in my next video where I talk about ‘How to create a Capsule Collection’ and ‘How to Shop Online’, that’s gonna be coming up next.

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