How to save time, how to save money, how to save yourself from frustration in the morning getting ready super quick in an outfit that fits and flatters is the topic of today’s video.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you how to create a capsule collection or capsule wardrobe. Now, I’ve done many videos on this and I always get every lady super excited about the topic because a capsule collection is not just for minimalism. Is also if you wanna be able to get ready super quick in the morning in an outfit that fits you, that flatters you and you don’t even have to think about it. Because every piece in your capsule wardrobe or capsule collection mixes and matches into this perfect outfit. So you don’t even, again, have to think about it. You just pick a piece and it works!

It’s also really nice to have a capsule wardrobe because you do put in the planning ahead a time. It doesn’t take you forever, I promise. It’s kind of like packing into a carry-on. You have to be strategic, you have to be intentional. If you get to your destination you are like: “Ok, what kind of weather am I gonna have? What am I gonna be doing?” You have to be intentional. And it’s nice because all of the tops and bottoms work together and basically, this is just a happy capsule. And I’ll show you exactly how I’ve put it together.

Now, last week I did a video on ‘How to find motivation and inspiration especially in tough times’. And I talked about a happy capsule, and just being very intentional about what you’re wearing because what you wear, I mean you have to get dressed every day anyway, it really affects your mood and affects your confidence, it affects your anxiety level… It does! Because you’ll get a glance of yourself in the mirror or just the way that others look at you is kind of like a reflection. So, if you look good, you feel good. And that’s what is all about!

When it comes to, again, creating a capsule collection doesn’t have to only be for a minimalist. You’re basically going into your closet, shopping your clothes, and pointing pieces out that fits you so everything has to fit well, has to be for the body type that you have now, the weight that you’re at right now, and also the colors you want to be flattering. I mean, we all have pieces in our wardrobe that you’re like “I was really attracted to it, but now I don’t really feel good in that piece”. So, if you don’t feel good wearing it, you are not going to put it in your capsule. Maybe you’ll not get rid of that piece, but you’re just not putting it into your capsule. So it fits you, it flatters you, it looks good on you, makes you feel good, and also, again, all of the pieces in your capsule they have to mix and match to create an outfit.

Basically, I created 3 clusters and that’s how I created my entire capsule. So, each cluster has 3 tops, 2 bottoms, and 1 outer layer.

Let me just show you, just to be easier, and give you an exact showcase here. So I have 3 tops. This is my comfy capsule, this like kind of sweatshirt fabric, it has like a puffy sleeve. I love the mustard here. And my little cardigan.

These are 3 tops and then I have 2 pants here. Now, for your pants you can absolutely keep it neutral, it’s probably easier if you have black or grey jeans. But I just wanted a pop of color and it works for my entire capsule, I’ve tried it on, I like the way even the burgundy and the plum go together.

And the, I have an outer layer. So I have my 3 tops, my 2 bottoms, my outer layer which is this blazer coat and it works with everything as well colorwise, I’ve tried it on. So this is my first cluster: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 outer layer.

This was my first cluster and I wanted now to make sure that my second cluster also works with the first one, so everything also mixes and matches there. But in order for, kind of just the way that my brain works, in the way that I wanna stay organized, I do it by clusters. I just feel like it’s easier.

So, in my second cluster, I have a white top, I do have one black top that has these little cut-outs, and then I have this kind of a sweatshirt with some embellishments on the sides in this plum color.

So these are my 3 tops, and then I have 2 bottoms, these black leather leggings, and grey pants there. And I do have a blazer.

Now again, when you’re thinking about your capsule, where is it that you’re going? What woman do you wanna become? Yes, we all wanna be comfortable, we wanna be cozy… But, where are you going, maybe with your career, with your personal life? For me, I like to have a little polished elements, so I do have a blazer and I have a blazer coat here too. I just like to kind of give my outfits a little up-level. It may not be your style, but it works for me.

And for my third cluster here, I have a sweater. So again, I know that the weather is gonna start cooling quite a bit, and so for my 3 tops instead of just going with long-sleeved, I went with really nice and cozy sweaters. So 3 sweaters, all of these sweaters would also work with the other bottoms from the clusters.

And then I have 2 corduroy pants. Again, these corduroy pants in green and in this kind of carmin color would also work with the other tops that I’ve selected. Then I have a coat that I’ve included for my last cluster cause this coat would also work with everything else and it would work with the sweaters.

Now, you might be wondering: will the blazers work with the sweaters? They not necessarily have to. They could, and if they perfectly did, I would have even more outfits, I would have up to maybe 300 outfits, I don’t really need to have up to 300 outfits. I think about a hundred is plenty for me, probably for you as well. And so, basically the way it’s working is that if you have 3 tops and you’re mixing them with 2 bottoms, you have each one working together, plus you have the outer layers, because if you think about this blazer… If you have the blazer on with the mustard top or white top, it’s going to look like a different outfit.

And then, what really is nice is changing up your shoes, and adding accessories. So, if you put like a python print, slide, or some booties with it, I mean that would really kind of take it up a level as well.

So, I have 4 scarves that work with this capsule, and if I did have to pack this in a carry-on, it’ll fit. Of course, maybe not with the shoes, but it’ll fit. And I just like to have the scarves also that would break things up and belts. I have also 5 belts that I’ve included in this capsule collection as well.

So anytime you’re changing up your shoes, your belt, your scarf, your jewelry, that will also change the outfit. I mean, just picture the white top and black pants and you’re just changing out your accessories. That in itself will give you different outfits as well.

This is, like I said, my capsule collection, my capsule wardrobe. I have this as a separate kind of cluster in my closet. I do have other dresses that I might include if I feel like wearing them. I might have a workout capsule, I have my lounge capsule as well. And then I have just, you know, like kind of my excess pieces that don’t work in a capsule if I need to switch something up because I do get that question. Like “What if something is dirty?” Well, wear something else from your capsule, or if you have another white top as your back up you can wear that one as well.

But the whole point is that you don’t really have to think when, like in the morning maybe you’re not a morning person, maybe you wanna take some extra time to workout, to journal, to meditate. Whatever it might be, then you have your capsule wardrobe and you can get ready super quick. So, it’ll save you time, it’ll save you money, it’ll save you frustration. The way that it saves you money too, is that if you do want to invest in a beautiful handbag and typically you wouldn’t go for a mustard color, now if you that it’d work with your capsule, and you know you’re going to be getting a lot of wear out of it, might just be worth it.

I hope that this helps, and if you have any questions for me, leave a comment for me below. If you’d like to try capsuling, leave a comment for me below, and let me know kind of what is going to be the title of your capsule. Is it going to be for lounge, weekend wear, for the office. I’d love to know! Thank you again for watching, and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!

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