Hello beautiful lady! I just wanted to pop on really quick with this video. If you’re still looking for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, I just wanted to tell you quickly about my DYS, my Dress Your Shape Course that I personally put together from years of styling experience and styling women, and including myself.

And what this Style Course is all about is helping you and your mama find the right clothes that will fit and flatter and help you feel confident.

Now, there are so many clothes out there and it’s sometimes difficult to choose which ones are the flattering ones, which ones are not the flattering ones, which ones will make you feel most confident…  And so what I do with this course is I help you figure out exactly what your body type is, what your body nuances are, what your body assets are, and then match the right clothes for your shape.

So, therefore, you get rid of things that don’t flatter, that don’t make you feel good but you will also know and learn all the things that will flatter your shape, and also how to put together outfits.

So, what top goes with pants, or what dress, what accessories to wear… All of that I cover in the course.



I also give you feedback as well, so you can email images and get feedback… I could help you just kind of tweaks for your outfits, we also do a big closet detox…

Anyway, it’s amazing. We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of women go through the course and have amazing results, so I’d love to invite you and your mom if you wanted to gift this for her as well. This is a perfect time to do it, a change of the Season, kind of a shift that’s going on right now in most of our lives, so this is a perfect time right now to elevate our style and elevate our life.

So again, I would like to invite you over to the Dress Your Shape Program, I have all the information you need down below including lots of reviews and testimonials for clients that have been through the course themselves. So, I’d love for you to just click below check out all the details and join us in the Dress Your Shape Program so you’ll look and feel confident in everything that you put on.

Thanks so much for watching, and I hope to see you inside the program!



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