If you’ve seen your body shape has changed over the years, maybe you’ve gained weight, you’ve lost weight, or neither just body shape changes due to age or hormones, and your clothes no longer fit in the way you remember, and give you the confidence you desire.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Ada and over the last 15 years, I’ve taught thousands of women how to look and feel confident in their clothes through my designs and on my Style Courses.

Women with different body types and shapes, ages, and lifestyles. If you’ve been at this game figuring out what to wear to feel fabulous and that thing seems to cut it, many of my clients have been in the same place.

You keep buying and trying things on, and hours of waste of time and lots of money later, a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear… Get the girls frustrated! I’ve seen all those tags in your closets. I’ll show you in just a second what is all about.

Now, I didn’t always know this. But you don’t have to change your body to fit your clothes. So, after I had kids, naturally I had gained weight, and I thought “What a waste! I just have this closet full of clothes and nothing fits me”.

So, I don’t necessarily wanna go out and buy new clothes, I just wanna wait for my body to go back to normal. Only to my surprise, the weight loss came super slow, but my loss of confidence came really fast.

And later, when I did finally lose weight, to my surprise clothes those that I had in my closet didn’t even fit! Why? Because my body shape had changed.

So again, either your weight goes up or down, what some of us forget is that your body shape changes with it.

So, it’s not you, it’s the clothes! It’s not about the size but about your body shape. And that’s my message to you today.

Again, going up a size or going down a size it’s super common and very often we don’t think about our shape. But we’d really save so much time if you’d go to the store or if you’re shopping online and you’re more aware of your shape and how to dress for your shape it makes purchasing so much easier.

And what happens is that now you’re wearing that oversized T-shirt that makes you look bigger and of course, your brain when you see yourself in the mirror you’re going to 10x even nuts.

What is now happening is you have a form-fitting, a more flattering silhouette that you’re wearing because again it’s more flattering for your shape.

So now, let’s dive in and talk about jeans cause that’s really easy to shop for, right? I think I’ve heard a couple of clients that jeans are as hard to shop for as swimsuits.

So let’s give you some tips on what to pay attention to when shopping and dressing up in your casual pair of jeans.

Now, there’re different rises. So you can have a high-raise, you can have a mid-raise, you could have a half/mid-rise.

I mean, there are different raises so you wanna pay attention to also your torso. If you have a longer torso or shorter torso and that, of course, it matters.

Another thing you wanna pay attention to is the color of the jeans. So, just a general rule of them is if you get darker jeans, they minimize. And if you get lighter jeans, they maximize.

Now, if you’re smaller at the bottom, you do wanna maximize, you want to make your smaller look bigger in the proportion of your torso. And if you’re somebody that’s bigger down at the bottom, then maybe you do wanna minimize with darker jeans.

The next thing you want to think about also is the cut of your pants. Now, are you gonna go in skinny jeans? Or you wanna go more like with straight jeans or a boot-cut jean?

Again, it really depends on your body type because if you’re wearing something a lot more skinny, then, of course, it’s going to hug on your body and it’s going to be a lot more revealing, obviously.

Also, you wanna pay attention to the way that the fading goes on the jeans: vertical or horizontal. If it’s horizontal, it actually makes your leg look wider. Again, that could be fantastic in certain cases. So you just need to know if you want your legs to look wider or slimmer.

And this is the same exact woman being photographed here but wearing two different cuts of jeans. So, you have to really pay attention to that as well.

I think that one of the best fit jeans that you wanna look for is, again, something that’s going to hide here the sides, right? Tuck you in, make your tummy look flat because a lot of women think that it’s all about the shirts, that it’s the shirt that needs to be oversized and that’s what either hides or accentuates your tummy. But it’s also about the jeans, and the right pair of fit jeans can really flatten your tummy as well.

You want the jean to be pretty form-fitting across the thigh area and then just kind of go straight down after that. So nothing too wide and nothing super tight. That’s the best rule of them.

Now, when it comes to the booty, who wants to have a flat booty or who wants to have a nice perky elevated booty? I know which one I’m gonna pick!

Well, the wrong pants will make your booty look like a pancake, and the right ones, especially paying attention to the pocket of your pants, will help make it look perky and perfect.

So, a quick rule of them when it comes to pockets, if you have a big butt, then, you want to go with a bigger pocket. If you have a smaller booty, then go with a smaller pocket. And you want the pockets to be up-higher, not lower.

So a really quick recap, you wanna be paying attention to the cut of your jeans, the color of your jeans, the rise (how high and how low goes, so it hides everything nicely). You want to also pay attention to the length and overall, fit.

Now, one more important note: you don’t have to be a size 0, a perfect hour-glass aged 25 and blond. Because again, dressing for your body shape is like the foundation. And of course, you can build upon that.

Now, in this video, I want to take you deeper into this area, and I’m going to share with you how to identify your body shape and your body nuances, so you can really laser in on the clothes that will flatter and help you finally put together outfits with ease and feel like you’re worth great syle.

We’re going to be covering a lot of ground today and what I’d love for you to do is to take out a pen and paper so you can make notes and a measuring tape and have a full-length mirror.

Take measuring and then you wanna make some notes, make sure you have the calculator down below in front of you and what you’re gonna do is stand in front of the mirror and, it’s kind of hard to do this on your own, but you wanna take the tape, take measurements and put it around your shoulders and take the measurements.

Then you’re gonna wanna take the measurements around your bust, your waist, which is right above the belly button, and your hips.

You’re gonna note those down on your pen and paper and then you’re going to put them in the Body Shape Calculator.

You also wanna take a look at your assets that you have, like what do you love about your body type? Do you love your smile, your neck? Do you love your arms, your legs?

Next, what I’d want you to do is look are your body nuances. So what is it exactly that’s making it difficult for you to find the right clothes? Is it your arms? Is it your tummy?

So here are a few before & after images of some of my clients that I’ve styled and that I’ve worked with, showing you that’s really not about the size of your body, but it’s about the shape and dressing for it and how really can make a big difference.

Now again, knowing your shape, so knowing that you’re a little bit bigger up on top like with a wedge shape, then you’re going to know what to look for in the store. And I think that it really will make a big difference for you especially if you’re shopping or if you’re shopping online, or you’re trying to figure out how to put together outfits that flatter.

Now, the problem you might be having now is perhaps you have the right top, the right fitting pants, yet you’re still feeling a little bit frumpy. You’re not quite sure how to put together the entire outfit. Sometimes you need those small tweaks to really get it right.

Well, first of all, just for a super quick fix, sometimes we forget that maybe just adding lipstick or a little bit of blush, makeup, fixing our hair, that also is a part of our outfit and it does make a big difference.

But let’s take a look at the clothing. So, for example, in this green t-shirt, one of the things that she could do is she can bring it up a little bit. I think that the t-shirt is a little bit long.

A necklace could work as well, maybe a little bit of prints in a belt or a handbag or in her shoes. That would make a big difference as well.

And if you do have a t-shirt that is a little bit oversized right now, another little trick you could do is you can tie or wrap a band in the back and then tuck it in the back, or tuck it in the front.

That’ll just give it more shape and, of course… Build a relationship with your tailor! That’s also a huge takeaway from many of my style clients. And I give you the tips in my Program on how to talk to a tailor because, of course, there’s a specific language you’d want to use.

In this next mini-makeover example, here she’s wearing a very typical outfit that maybe you’d wear on a casual day. Kind of a boxier t-shirt and jeans. But now… Let’s makeover this outfit!

So instead of something boxy, you can go to something a little bit more fitted. It could be just as comfortable, but a little bit more fitted.

The blazing on the sleeves adds a really nice feminine touch. You don’t have to go with blazing, you don’t even have to go with something super fitted, you could also go with a peplum that just adds more shape to it. So here’s that example.

Then I love that here she’s wearing a little bit more of a darker and fitted jeans. She’s more curvy so she could go with like a bell-bottom pant. But if she’s wearing boots then skinny jeans looks perfect.

But again, it’s just so you can see the difference that if you’re wearing something a little bit more form-fitted, you do look smaller. And something that’s boxier and baggier, just adds a few pounds!

Now, one of the other things that I very often hear is like “Well, is really dressing your shape that important? I mean, I just kind of gravitate on what I like and that’s what I wear”. However, again, you see with some of these mini-makeovers that the small tweaks and dressing for your shape does really lead to your confidence and leads to you having more energy and being happy and looking more important as well.

So again, these are small little makeover tweaks but you can see that it’d make a big difference.

It’s been awesome sharing this information with you, I’m so happy! I’ve inspired you to take action and get results and finally be able to know exactly how to dress for your body shape and body type so that you’re proud of the body that you have, you’re confident.

And again, I know that sometimes we reach a certain age and our confidence gets a little bit shaky so, that what we’re here to work on together.

I’ve been reading every comment and responding and I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for watching!

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