Alright, so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed whit your closet, like “where do I start?!”, we’re going to start with the basics. And some of you’re going to stay like “these are boring basics”. However, I’d like to argue about these boring basics are just the foundation of a great closet. So yes, they will be a little bit boring but think of it as a canvas. You have a canvas, a white canvas and then you start accessorizing and painting, putting different colors, and all’s gonna come together. So, I’d like to just start with the basics.

You might already have these in your closet but what I’d love to challenge you to do is put together a capsule collection of these basics and from there, whether you’re shopping or you’re shopping your closet, you’ll be able to create awesome outfits.

So, let’s start with the boring basics of a white top.

Now, for you it might not be white, it might be ivory, it might be cream… But it’s just a very simple kind of basic top. Now when it comes to basic and simple I don’t necessarily mean it has to be a T-shirt, it could be a short-sleeved, it could be a crop, it could be whatever kind of style you like and that would fit your body type the best.

Now, if you’re not sure about what your body shape is, and what’s the best wear for your body shape, check out my Body Shape Calculator, put in your measurements, and I’ll give you a shape and I also have a guide there for you, where you can kind of figure out what your shape is and what shape top would look best on you.

Again, there’re a lot of things to consider, there’s of course, the neck-line, the head-line, the fit overall, but a white top. Now, the next question is going to be… “where do I get this white top? Is there a store you’d recommend for my particular body shape?” And actually, there is! And it’s called Nordstrom.

So, Nordstrom is a department store and, of course, I love local boutiques, but I’m not in your areas, I don’t know what you have in a local boutique. However, Nordstrom is a great department store that carries small designers, in fact, Nordstrom is carrying ADA Collection belts, my line that I designed as well. They have smaller designers brands, they have bigger designers brands… They have a nice big variety. So, if you’re looking for a white top, you’re going to find one at Nordstrom. So, scroll through those pages.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little bit more edgy, then I love Zara. I think that Zara has a lot of great basics as well. They are a little bit more trendy if you will, but I think that they really know what fabrics are in, what shapes are in right now in terms of like a little bit of trend and keeping things up modern.

So, a white top, either from Nordstrom where you have lots of different options or Zara, or maybe from your closet, but you need one for your capsule.

The next top I recommend for your capsule is a nice black basic.

Now again, you might think “black doesn’t look good on me”, so it could be maybe a shade of gray, could be a lighter black… So there are lots of shapes and wides, and they’re a lot of shades of black, so just figure out what kind of shade or huge works for you, and just make sure you just focus on those two colors. If I say “get a red, get this…”, it’s too overwhelming. So, let’s just stick with boring basics.

Now, why? Because as you can see, with this white top I could wear kind of a funky color at the bottom or the black, just if I keep the same shorts on and I switch out the top, I’m already gonna have two different outfits, switch out accessories and boom, easy peasy.

Next: bottoms.

Same thing: choose a white color, like a white, ivory or light color, the bottom it could be a jean, it could be a skirt, it could be trousers, whatever is more comfortable for you. For me, I always think that is a nice pair of denim jeans, a white pair of pants, and a black pair of pants is like the basics I need. So, that’s what I would recommend for you as well.

Again, I love to have skirts in my closet, I don’t love shorts but I will maybe go with trousers and a jean. So those are your basics for your bottom.

And as long as you got the right tops and the right bottoms… Again, go to the Nordstrom website and just spend some time on the basics because it’s really going to help you with the next step that I’m gonna share in just a second.

So once you have your tops and that you have your basic bottoms, now I’d love for you to take some time and invest in a beautiful dress.

Two dresses if you can! Something in the lighter color and something in a darker color. Lighter for the day, darker for the evening, I mean it’s also I just say this generally but you could also flip flop as well.

If you have a solid white or a solid black, you can accessorize it, it’s your canvas, that boring canvas! But later on, you can throw on a hat, a cool pair of sunglasses, a belt from ADA Collection! A beautiful belt, and it’s like a chameleon, it could really transform your outfit.

So, from there you can really accessorize a dress and make it look so different, just depending on what accessories you place with it. So, get a dress in your capsule as well.

Okay, now let’s talk about putting together these outfits. You have your basic tops, you have your basic bottoms, so now you can go with a monochromatic look, so white and white, black and black, grey and grey if that what you chose, or ivory and ivory if that’s what you chose.

And from there you can pick three to five pop colors that you’re introducing into your capsule. So, if I’m choosing this, I love this orange/red color, so I could do that with a top, I could do that with a bottom… But I know that I have the boring basics that will mix and match, and I could really focus on accessories.

So, many of you are sharing with me like “I don’t know how to accessorize”. Just try to accessorize your basics, because you can’t mess it up.


If you have a monochromatic-all-white outfit and you throw on a belt and a pair of earrings and shoes, you can’t go wrong. But then once you start messing with color and shape and all of that, it starts getting more complicated. So, my challenge for you for this weekend is: get your top basic tops, get your basic bottoms, your two dresses, and start accessorizing! Check out ADA Collection Belts, get some pretty earrings, sunglasses, a hat, shoes, and you’re good to go!

So, that’s my Style Minute for you, my lady. Leave a comment for me below, let me know if this was helpful, share it with somebody else that you think will find it helpful, and check out all the resources down below that I have for you for ADA Collection belts and also for the Body Shape Calculator.

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!



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