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If you’re wondering what your body type and body shape is, I have a CALCULATOR RIGHT HERE that will guide you through how to dress for your body shape. But today I wanted to talk about your vertical body shape. So, we typically talk about the apple shape in the pear shape and etcetera. Today I wanted to talk to you about your vertical body shape.

And what if you have shorter legs? So you could be petite with long legs, or petite with short legs, or you could actually be tall with short legs, and tall with long legs, right?

So, what if you have short legs, and what if you want to elongate your legs? And first of all, why would you even want to elongate your legs? Why would you want to look like you have longer legs? Because it makes you look slimmer and it makes you look taller. So, if you’re already tall and super lucky, or if you’re not tall and you wanna look taller… I’m not petite personally but I always want to make myself look taller and so I’m following these tips myself on how to dress so your legs don’t look shorter and your legs look longer.

And I’m gonna be sharing with you 5 tips in this video.

So, for tip number 1 and you probably already know this intuitively but I feel like most of us make this mistake, and the first step is to wear high-rise pants versus low-rise pants.

And what if I have a tummy and I want to disguise it, I don’t I want to pull my t-shirt over my tummy so disguise it…  But check out this in the chair, I mean this lady does not look super, super thin, she’s probably curvier and what you do, I mean, you could just get a great pair of trousers with nice tummy support and you can still wear a high-rise. You could of course, still cover your tummy and with a monochromatic outfit that looks great, and layer over it. But we want to avoid doing is wearing a kind of a long shirt that’s shapeless, and to make your legs look shorter.

So, that’s tip number one: is a high-rise pant. And that goes also for shorts and for skirts.

Tip number 2 is you want to avoid a folded hand lines on your pants.

Now, I know it’s frustrating because typically when you buy pants they’re maybe too long for you, but folding them and especially if you have that cuff on the bottom it breaks the leg, and it doesn’t look at some because it kind of has like a little bit of that extra front down at the bottom, if you will. Even for longer legs and taller women, I don’t think it looks super elegant to have that extra fabric down at the bottom. But especially if you have shorter legs you want to hem your pants and so it’s just nice and seamless, and it just elongates your leg line. And you could also of course we’re like a little wedge and a straight line pant and it just looks fantastic.

If you are wearing dresses and you’re trying to shorten the dresses, a little tip is to add a belt.

You can add an ADA Collection belt and actually if you have a maxi dress and you belt it, you bellow over the top and it actually pulls up the hem right there for you, and it makes it shorter without you having to hem dresses. So, there’s a great tip there for you, a little bonus.

So again, all of this is about creating an illusion, right? And you want to draw attention up instead of down.

So, tip number 3 is you want to avoid a drop waist. This could be a drop-waist dress or even a tunic. So, a drop-waist basically means it’s a drop waist and then your waist looks like it’s lower. So, what does that mean? That makes your torso looks longer but it also makes your legs look shorter. So, if you want to create the illusion that you have longer legs, you definitely want to avoid that.

Tip number 4 is to avoid tunics in general. If you have shorter legs and you are going to add length to your top your legs are just going to look shorter. I get that this is a little look and I think you can pull it off, I think it’s cute… But if you want to look, if you want to create that illusion of longer legs, then a shorter top is just a better fit.

And my last tip, the 5th tip for you is to avoid also a mid kind of blazer. So, I think I say mid because maybe a long long long kind of dripping blazer could look very elegant cause it does elongate and it could look very pretty. But one of those like midsize kind of like a boyfriend jacket blazer those tends actually make you look shorter.

There is a way to pull it off if you wear maybe monochromatic underneath and everything’s more fitted. However, I highly suggest if you have shorter legs to wear a more cropped kind of blazer… It’ll make your legs look longer, again, drawing the attention up, and that’s what our focus is on.

There you have it! 5 things to avoid if you have shorter legs and how to elongate your legs.

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.




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