Fall trends are what we are talking about in today’s video and specifically how you can pull off these fall trends. Even if you are very classic, non-trendy type a gal you still want to watch this video.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute for those of you who know me, welcome back, and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, and I am the designer behind the Ada collection belt line and the creator of the DYS program. All about helping women figure out exactly what to wear, to fit her body type, her body shape, her style, and to be able to look and feel good and be super confident. 

And in today’s video, I wanted to share with you some of the fall trends that are coming up on the runway or appearing in your store. And you might be thinking “I’m not very trendy, and I’ve just seen hardcore 90s style out there that’s not me so I’m just going to close myself out of fashion this season”. But before you do, I want to share with you some actual wearable trends. Starting with fall colors.  

Every fall, beautiful colors and neutral kind of earthy tone color palettes appear and its almost kind of similar every season, but this season I think is pretty special because the colors of the season have really softened. So instead of the typical burgundy and deep browns, and stan colors. The color palette is soft and pastel-like. 

wearable fall trends


So here I give you a couple of examples of all-new neutrals that have really come into play for this season and that is a nice light yellow color. They call it Optimistic Yellow and the trend monochromatic is really big right now. It’s a wonderful, very strategic kind of trend that really works for every body type.  It elongates you, making you appear taller and thinner and it’s just very classy and super easy to put together.  

This first outfit I wanted to show you is this beautiful color “optimistic yellow color” it’s light and really nice but this is kind of like an oversized men’s inspired menswear shirt, but you’re not going to actually wear it like this. You’re going to tie it, you’re going to tuck it in, and it’s going to be a lot more forgivable. And I know, many of the ladies are like… what is she doing there? well, that is because if you’re going to unbutton a couple of bottoms, you can have a little knitwear peeking through. It doesn’t mean you’re going to wear it on its own, unless you have a short torso like me, and I probably wear this with the pants and my tummy won’t show.   

wearable fall trends

But anyway, Monochromatic is really big and these soft colors are very trendy. Yellows and Earth Tone colors, such as this almond color or oatmeal. Also, this sweater set is very trendy. I picked up some of these pieces from H&M. The reason I did that is that most of you and most of my clients watching these videos are probably shopping a little bit more conservative and more places… but H&M is very trendy and some of these trends you won’t see at a Chicos, let’s say.    

And I mean this is classy, these are kind of like almost loungewear pants with a matching top (monochromatic), and for many of you who find it frustrating to put together outfits, this makes it easier…  

Now designers are cutting multiple pieces in the same fabric so You can find a top and a bottom to match, same fabric. Because again, it’s a trend. You can add a belt and give it more shape or a pop and interest.  

wearable fall trends

This tortoise texture collection at the ADA belt Collection, is adacollection.com. This would be super cute with this outfit as well. Here’s more color examples for fall… like this green or blue…, really soft and not as bright.  So, earth tones YES, but muted earth stones is whats going to be big. 

And I also mentioned, the sweater sets, matchy matchy kind of sets are big even in Loungewear.  Instead of sweats.. these are great alternatives – these knit sweats, with a little top and cardigans, short crop cardigans, are definitely in. 

However now it seems like a long kind of duster is also trending.  They look more like a robe to me.. but if you love it, I’m sure you can pull it off.   

So when I mentioned these Transitional pieces if you have something like this in a little tank top, a transitional piece like this, sleeves only, can be a nice addition to your outfit.  Maybe if it’s chilly in the morning or cools down in the evening.  

The other color I want to show is this Olive… and I’m seeing these capri pants trending they were out, and now they’re back in style… I find them better this time around, especially with a cute pair of shoes.  

I hope you like this video, I have more additional upcoming videos on Trends such as Handbags and shoes, and accessories in general in the next couple weeks. 

Check out all the resources of the belts that I showed down below. 

And also if you would like to join us to the Dress Your Shape Program, all the information is here and we are waiting for you! 

Thank you much for watching and I’ll see you the next time on Ada Style Minute.