If you feel you’ve gained a little weight this summer and now going into fall you’re not quite sure How to dress or maybe your body shape has changed. In today’s video, I’ll give you 4 tips on how to dress for your body shape specifically If you have gained weight in the midsection. Or if you have an apple-shaped body type. 

That is coming up in today’s video. 

Hello, and welcome back to Ada Style Minute, for those of you who know me, thank you so much for watching, and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, I’m the fashion designer of ADA COLLECTION line, and I’m also a style expert educator and I help women to dress for their body shape. 

Today, I wanted to share with you 4 tips on what to consider for fall dressing especially if your body shape has changed and you’ve gained weight in the midsection, so how to create balance and proportion, and how to dress with confidence this fall season.  

The first tip I want to share with you is to pay attention to the pants that you’re wearing. I talked to many ladies about this and typically when you gain weight in your midsection you really pay attention to the tops that you’re wearing, right? Wearing more oversized tops, or printed tops… but it’s all about the tops… but, sometimes you might forget the bottoms. 

That is why I started with tip number one, paying attention to the pants. There are a few things but you must pay attention to and that is…THE COLOR of your pants and being strategic.  

Darker colors minimize and bright or lighter colors maximize. If you are bigger at the top you want to go with darker or solid colors at your top and lighter colors down the bottom. Because again, for strategic dressing you want to be able to create that balance. Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

So many of my clients said “Ok, ok.” And wear a printed blouse and wear black pants” but actually you want to go brighter or printed on the bottom. So that’s tip number one with pants, also when it comes to pants, pay attention to the rise of the pants, nothing low rise, go for midrise or something a little bit higher. So you can mush the tummy area and the fabric is KEY!. 

Now, I have many pairs of jeans because my body shape has changed as well. And, fabrics like light-cotton or light-modal are very clingy to the tummy and some jeans too. Sometimes denim fabric is thin and lightweight, which is wonderful for summer, but if you want to have tummy control, paying attention to the fabric and making sure that it has a little more structure and it can flatten the tummy is super key. It’s not all about the top, it’s also about the bottoms. And, you also want the size up, the other day, in fact, I bought a pair of trousers pants that I’ve had my eyes on and I bought it in size 6, and I tried them on and they fit me everywhere, on my legs, but the tummy area looks like if I was 4 or 5 months pregnant. I sized up, just in case, and low and below the bigger size actually makes my tummy look more flat. Just like that, it’s the clothes. It’s not your shape, so sometimes you just have a size up. 

Tip number 2… 

Pay attention to fabrics, of course, pants but also to your tops. 

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

Many women again I feel like wear kind of more oversized tops because they feel more comfortable that way. But you can actually wear something not oversized and fitted and it will still be flattering. Simply pay attention to the shape of the top and the fabric. 

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

I turned this shirt inside out so I can show you the seams. Any top that is sown and kind of tailored more in the middle sides… those are the most flattering and give you more shape. This is a cotton, but heavier cotton, which is great for fall anyway and it’s very flattering so pay attention to your tops, the shape and the fabric.

Tip number 3… 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s all about balance and proportion. Darker colors minimize and lighter colors maximize. And in order to create that balance you want to go darker colors up on top, not necessarily black but darker on top and then lighter on the bottom. And also pay attention to the wide-leg pants vs skinny leggings or jeans, because these will make you look bigger on top with the proportion. Balance and proportion are super important.

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

Wide-leg trousers, or wide-leg pants, are wonderful for apple shape, which again, I get that you’ll feel frumpy ‘cause you are feeling, “I’m big here, and big here” well.

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

Tip number 4 is style hacks. 

Really being able to bring in accessories, so if you’re wearing something wide, you can do add a style hack, a belt on the outside, pull up the sleeves a little bit so the rest you showing the smallest part of your body. 

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall OutfitsDressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

Don’t forget the accessories!! Yes, you can absolutely wear a belt. In fact, check out this dress.   I think it’s called the “Game-Changer”.  It’s a really nice fabric and it’s an a-line so it brings you in and out and it’s perfect for an apple-shaped because again, It recreates an hourglass silhouette instead of bringing attention to your tummy. Belt to great that full hourglass (belt is by ADACollection.com. 

Jasmine @mrsjassyglows

Some women say, “I don’t have a waist, I can’t wear a belt, but that’s the thing, your clothes create a waist, and then you accent your waist with belts. 

Scarves are also great. I’m wearing an all-black outfit right now, and I just bring a pop of color with a scarf, which is also elongating and creates this kind of color block. That is really nice, you can also create a color block with a blazer. Wearing all black and then pop it with a fuchsia blazer or of course you can wear different colors like white at the bottom or ivory, wherever color you want for fall. Then you just pop it with a contrasting blazer, wherever color you want, and blazer, it’s fit and flattering for apple shapes. 

Dressing For Apple Shape | 4 Easy Tips for Fall Outfits

There you have 4 tips for fabulous fall outfit-making. So you look and feel confident and beautiful.  

Thank you so much for watching, let me know if you like this video, if you have any comments for me below, I also leave a couple of links to a body-shape calculator in case you’re not quite sure about what body shape you are, my style course and Ada Collection Belts of course. 

We also have a new accessory coming! so be on the lookout for that as well. 



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