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My name is Ada Deferrari, designer for ADA Collection, creator of Ada Style Formula, and your personal stylist girlfriend.

And today we’re talking about what to wear to an interview. This could be a job interview, a new position interview, or if you’re being interviewed on YouTube, on the Internet, and of course, on a TV Channel. So, what to wear? That’s what we’re talking about today.

Okay, so I really wish there was a super easy answer for you and I could tell you “wear this top or blouse, wear this blazer, this pair of pants” or “wear hair in this kind of way”. Obviously, I can’t do that because I don’t know you and I don’t know what position you’re interviewing for!

So, basically, the first thing you need to really think about when you’re interviewing, again, whether be via Zoom, whether it be via whatever, in person and for a job, or if you’re on a new station, or if it’s on TV that you’re being interviewed, you would need to really know about the company or the person that is interviewing you, and who they are looking for.

I was being interviewed to talk about ADA Collection Belts and also for the Dress Your Shape Program that I just recently created, so I was interviewed by more of a conservative TV station where I dressed up a little bit more. And then another one that is a little bit more fun and casual, and I wore jeans…

So, it really depends on what position you’re getting interviewed for or what is for, and also the company that’s interviewing you.

So, in some cases, of course, incorporate America you have to dress up a little bit more, suits and that kind of things… But many positions, especially now, are quite casual. So, really knowing who’s going to be interviewing you is super important!

If you’re being interviewed on Zoom, then I’d like to suggest for you to check out this video right here because I’ve recently filmed just little tips on how to look good on Zoom, what colors to wear, kind of what colors really make you pop, and just other additionals tips that I think would be very helpful. So, check out this video on How to Look Good on Zoom if you’re being interviewed on Zoom!

Okay, so now, of course, you did your research, you know who or what you’re being interviewed for, now it’s time to really think about your message. Because clothing and what you wear is really a message that you’re sending out because the person that is interviewing you most likely doesn’t know you very well. They’re going to judge you on your clothes, on your style… So, it’s really important to really think about your message.

And that goes for more than just an interview, your clothing and what you’re wearing is your message. So, think about that message that you’re going to send out. Even if you’re gonna go and write an email, before you start just writing and typing a sentence, you’d kind of think about it and go “Okay, what do I wanna say in this email?”. You’re intentional, right? So, it’s the same thing with your clothes. You kind of have to think about it.

Even if you just throw on a whatever, that whatever is still your message. So, you should be very intentional, you’d take time for your message. Basically, every day you should be intentional about your style! But especially for an interview because, of course, you wanna represent your best self.

So, once you know your message, these are a few things to think about:

1. Color is super powerful. If you being interviewed for a position that you have to show power, you might wanna think about wearing a color that’s bold and solid.

Blues and purples tend to be kind of the trustworthy colors. Yellow is more of like a very happy color, so again, it depends on what kind of job you’re being interviewed for. Red is also very powerful and kind of an aggressive color.

Print is also a language, so if you’re wearing floral or polka dots, those are very classic prints.

If you’re wearing kind of like what I’m wearing here, this blouse also kind of is very classic, very conservative. So think about, again, the message.

Of course, I’m wearing only a bra, not a tank-top underneath, that’s a little bit edgy. Probably, if you’re going for more of a conservative job, you don’t wanna do that.

2. So, there’s color, there’s print. Of course, jewelry, some things you wanna think about is do you wanna make a big statement with your jewelry? It does get a little bit distracting to have a lot of jewelry on. So, that could be ok.

I always say that it’s really nice to have like an ice-breaker element to your outfit, whether it be a handbag, a belt, a pair of earrings, a necklace, something where somebody might compliment you on it because it really stands out and also makes you memorable, maybe there’s a nice story behind that accessory… It just adds personality and also is a really nice kind of ice-breaker as well.

3. Now, the third thing you really have to think about is the fit of your clothing. A lot of these blouses are kind of “interview blouses” per se. They don’t have a very nice and flattering fit. So, belting it is a great way to go because that way it’d give you a little bit more shape. But the fit of your clothing is very important, the hem of your pants, again, the way that your blouse fits, the way that your blazer fits.

Typically, if something’s oversized and it’s not tailored to your body looks a little bit more unkempt, a little bit more sloppy, so that’s a message that you’re sending.

If you’re wearing something that’s too tight, well, that’s also a message that you’re sending. You wanna just tailor to your body. I mean, try on the outfit a couple of weeks before you have the interview to make sure everything is fitting nicely and maybe have time to take things into a tailor… But the fit of your clothing is super important and dressing for your body shape!

So again, if you’ve lost a little bit of weight, if you’ve gained a little bit of weight, that’s totally fine. It’s all about the clothes and about the clothes fitting and flattering your unique shape.

And also, surveys say that depending on your style you’re going to get a position, you can lose a position, you can get paid more! So, style is something that is super important, you just have to make it very intentional. Dressing for your shape is important because is gonna make your clothing look more stylish.

You can wear something super simple but as long as it fits well, it’s going to just really speak volumes about you and the time that you took to find something that fits and flatters.

So, those are my 3 tips for you on what to wear for an interview. I wish it was like a one-sized kind of thing that fits all, like this “the outfit” for everybody to wear but, obviously, you have a different personality, you have a different message, you’re being interviewed for a different position.

So, just keep these 3 things in mind when you’re being interviewed, again, for TV, whether you have your own company or a brand that you’re representing or if you’re going in for a new position and being interviewed on Zoom don’t forget to check out that video.

So, I hope these were helpful, share it with your friends if you find it valuable, and thank you so much for watching.

I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!

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