Today, I wanted to share with you top five fall outfits that are easy go-to’s and you probably have in your closet that are chic, cozy and can be worn at any age and for every body shape. These outfits all look very put together and of course depending on the color you choose, you can make it your very own personal style.

The first outfit is very timeless but by rocking a third layer blazer over any knit top, it can help you instantly look put together.

Tip:  For a well balanced look, if your blazer of choice includes oversized or boxy – choose a fitted top underneath.  Otherwise, belting it or wearing a more tailored blazer will typically look more flattering. 

Resources:  My favorite blazers these days are from: WHBM, JCrew, and I’ve even gotten a few of my blazers from H&M.  If I had more time, I would check out more local second hand stores for blazers.  One of my friends has a beautiful collection of vintage designer blazers she got on a dime.


2.  I know many ladies LOVE their tunics, especially as the weather cools down.  But how do you give it more interest and balance?

Add a cropped denim jacked to a longer top or tunic.

Many denim jackets hit at the hip line and can be boxy and not tailored, but by choosing a cropped jacket, it will hit you at the smallest part of your waist, drawing the eye up creating a flattering silhouette.

Tip:  Of course there are many shades of denim.  If you’re someone who’s smaller on top – choose a lighter color.  If you are bigger on top and smaller on the bottom – choose a darker denim jacket color that will give your outfit and body more balance.

Resources: I recently recommended this denim jacket to a style client and it looks fantastic on her.  It’s not copped but has nice tailoring. For a fitted copped jacket, I thought this one from Banana Republic is nice and this one from loft.



3.  Leather is having a moment this fall.  I’ve been a huge fan of leather trousers and leggings in past seasons and this year I even got myself a pair of leather joggers.  Well, pleather.

They are so chic, cool, comfy and give every outfit such an edgy feel.  It’s literally the easiest way to up level your outfit and give it a unique texture.

Tip:  Similar to the blazer tip, if you’re wearing a pair of oversized leather pants, wear a more fitted top or at least tuck in your flowy blouse.  If wearing something fitted (such as leather leggings on the bottom) you can wear a more oversized top that will give it balance.  

Resources:  Okay, I don’t know about you, but any time I walk into Target for a household item, I walk out with a clothing piece for myself.  This last time I discovered a pair of pleather joggers that I’m excited to incorporate into my lounge capsule (more on capsules coming up soon). I also like the wider leg silhouette on these leather trousers and my absolute favorite pair of leather leggings I’ve had for years are most similar to these ones from Spanx.

4.  I know some ladies will challenge me on this one – but a knit dress is so ultimately comfy, I don’t know why anyone would miss out.

You can choose a super soft knit, your desired thickness and length, and voila – a perfectly chic and effortless outfit.

Tip:  I think an oversized knit dress is fantastic with a belt but you can also wear with a longer necklace to draw the eye up and give it styling and personality.  In terms of length, go for a length you’re most comfortable with but try avoiding a midi length at the wides part of your leg.  Ideally above the knee or below calves is flattering.

Resources:  One of the items I picked up at Target happened to be a knit dress.  I loved the color but I still have to try it on for fit and will get back to you.  I liked this on at Banana Republic and a client of mine loved this dress recommendation from Michael Kors.

5.  I’m a sucker for turtle necks.  I feel like my most vulnerable cold spot is my upper chest area so when the weather cools, I’m either wearing a scarf or turtle neck.  I personally think turtle necks are super chic and when paired with a fabulous pair of earrings can make a very polished outfit.

Tip:  If you feel stuffy in a turtle neck try a natural fiber fabric such as cotton or light cashmere.  Often times wearing polyester can act like saran wrap around your body and neither keeps you cool in summer or warm in fall.  So opt for a natural fabric and you’ll be surprised by its comfort.

Resources:  Last season I purchased an assortment of colors from Everlane.  I feel they’ll last for another few seasons and I highly recommend these but I also find  Garnet Hill to have nice prima cotton turtlenecks.

I’m wondering if you have a favorite outfit you’ll try this fall?  Leave a comment for me below and let me know. And if you have any great resources of blazers, denim jackets, leather pants, knit dresses, or turtlenecks, please link below and share with others.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon with video!



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