In this video, I’ll share with you ten trends I’m personally loving for myself and for my clients to bring in into your fall wardrobe.


Now, I’m not necessarily a pro-trendy stylist, but I do think that in order to keep your wardrobe and keep your outfits modern, current, and updated it is nice to bring in an element of a trend and kind of what’s going on.

So, the way that trends work is related to be in touch with what’s going on with the world. Anyway, that’s kind of how trends happen to come up. And obviously, it’s all about your style and what you feel most comfortable in, but I do encourage maybe bringing in one of these ten elements. There’re tons of trends, there’s more than just ten. But one of these ten, one of these twenty elements just to keep your look modern and playful and fun.

I’m very curious at the end of this video which trend you’d like to incorporate into your fall wardrobe, but here are the ten that I think are pretty fantastic.

1. The first trend that we saw across the runway shows and also now we’ve already seen in stores is ‘Earth Tones’.

So any color that’s related to the Earth, like greens and kind of rust, desert colors…

We also have a lot of blue,  which is a Pantone color, like the shirt that I’m wearing right now. Anything that’s related to Earth is very much on-trend and also very wearable.

2. The next trend that I’m personally incorporating and playing around with to add to my fall wardrobe are ‘Puffy Shoulders & Puffy Sleeves’.

Now, this is not something for everyone… I think this is definitely a great trend if you’re more of a pear body shape, which means that you’re bigger down at the bottom, and so you’re gonna bring in more volume up on top. Or if you’re a rectangle shape, like myself, that I don’t have too much of a fine waist but this puffy sleeve makes my waist looks smaller and I can incorporate a little bit more volume down at the bottom. So, it balances out my body. Now I get that this trend is a little bit more extreme, is not for everybody, but I’m having fun playing around with it.

So, you have puffy sleeves and shoulders and bigger sleeves but it is important that it is a bit more fitted in the waist. If everything is wide and just oversized, doesn’t necessarily work. If you wanna play with this trend just kind of lookout for a more fitted body’s and then the puffy sleeves and bigger shoulders.

I’m curious if you’re gonna want to try that one, leave a comment for me below!

3. The third trend that we’re seeing this fall is ‘Wider-Leg Pants’, which I’m also a fan of.

I really think that a straight-leg or a little bit of a wider pant, I’m not saying oversized but just a wider, it elongates the leg and makes the legs look longer and thinner. This is a great trend, and we’re seeing lots of colors in trousers and wider pants.

I think this is a great one even if you’re working from home. There are so many wonderful brands of pants that are comfortable. In fact, there’s even like a brand that’s a tide between a yoga pant and a trouser. It’s really worth, check it out!

4. Next trend that I’m also going to be playing with are ‘Knit Dresses’.

When fall or winter arrives, we naturally search for kind of a more comfy look, maybe like a little bit of an oversized dress, full knit, belted, everything very comfortable.

You can wear knit dresses with leggings underneath or with some kind of tights. I think it’s going to be a great look for the cooler weather and it’s also very feminine and flattering.

5. I’m seeing a lot of  ‘Button-Up Dresses’ this fall. I love this one here, I think it’s a great fit, I think it’s a great style, and I definitely have one in my wardrobe and in my capsule.

It’s a great like a go-to item if you’re going on a date, for work in the office, a Zoom call… I think shirt dresses are a great item to incorporate into your cooler weather capsule.

6. ‘Belt Bags’ are still around!


This is a trend that probably started about a year or two ago, but now it’s really practical. You can stick your sanitizer in there, your mask in there, whatever…

You can belt it around your waist or you can just wear cross-body. It’s basically like a little clutch, you can put your belt through it and wear it like a belt bag, or you can wear it as a clutch if you don’t want to.

ADA Collection has these great Cassandra Belt Bags.


You can check them out here!

7. The next trend that I’m also very excited about is ‘Color Blocking’. This was also big a few years ago and I think it’s so flattering. You can always have a color block down the middle and it’s just very flattering cause it creates an illusion of a smaller kind of waist and then you’ve got the paneling on the outside.


So color blocking is on-trend and also…

8. ‘Patchwork’ is another trend. I’m kind of giving you two in one, but this one is a little bit more modern, this one is a little bit more kind of boho-chic. I think both are really cute ways to bring in some of these trends into your look.

9. ‘Minimalism’, ‘Bold Jewelry’, and ‘Layering’ are on-trend.

We’re really seeing a lot of this kind of layering of necklaces… You can add 3, 4, 5 layers of necklaces, kind of stacked one on top of the other and it looks so cute. You can really personalize and make it your own art piece if you will. I think it looks great over dresses, it looks great with kind of low-cut shirts, and it even looks amazing with sweaters.


This is really cool, we’ve just talked about it in Ada Deferrari Style Club, about how you can personalize it. Some of our members have created really cool looks with items that they’ve got from when they were kids, others just from throughout their life… And others that have bought a necklace on this trip, another necklace on this, a charm here and there, and just kind of put it all together… You can even stack a bunch of charms together into one little cluster and it looks really cute.

But anyway, more bold kind of jewelry is definitely an on-trend item this coming up season and this year.

10. Last but not least… We did see more of like a Western kind of cowboy style in the past, and now it’s time for ‘Equestrian’.


Here you’ll see some really nice boots, and just more of like a preppy kind of an equestrian look, which I think that’s so chic, it’s so fine and which I’ll definitely be incorporating into my fall and winter wardrobe.


So now I want to hear from you… What is your favorite trend to incorporate into your fall wardrobe?

I do encourage you to just pick one, the easiest way to go about it is through color. You can incorporate an on-trend color, even through a scarf or through jewelry… You don’t have to be trendy, but maybe incorporating one element just to elevate your look, to kind of refresh it… Give it a little bit of current, kind of modern touch and it’s really simple!

Have fun with style, have fun with fashion, and leave a comment for me below about what you’re seeing and loving this season.

And if you have any style questions for me, I’d love to answer in these Style Minute videos.

Again, last but not least, follow me on Instagram and on Facebook, and subscribe if you haven’t already to my YouTube Channel. 

Thank you again for watching, and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!

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