Jennifer Aniston is a style icon probably because she always looks so effortlessly chic and stylish. Here are a few things that Jennifer is doing that we can quickly adopt into our own wardrobe.

Number one:

She has a real knack for neutral colors you can always spot her wearing olive green, denim, white great neutral palette.

Number two:

She accessorizes! You can spot her wearing accessories such as necklaces, belts, watch. Minimal but always super chic and

Number three:

Her clothes are really tailored nicely to her body you’ll never see her looking too sloppy even though she’s wearing her boyfriend jeans. Everything’s very much tailored to her body. Also Jennifer knows how to flaunt her assets. She has great arms, great legs and she knows how to show them off . So if you love your shoulders, your neck, your arms, legs… show them off and if you’re wondering how to dress for your body type I have a link below to how to determine your body shape and how to dress for your body type so go ahead and link below and that’s your Ada Style Minute.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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