Many women, including me, LOVE shopping for handbags because unlike clothes,
you don’t need to shed a thing to try them on and you can instantly add interest to your
outfit and wardrobe with a great bag.

So if you’re someone with “the bag bug,” or wondering what to consider when making your next handbag purchase, you’ll want to check out today’s video (and leave a comment).

Do you love handbags as much as me? Do you love shopping for handbags? I do because it’s so much easier you don’t
have to shed a thing to try them on and you can instantly add a splash to your outfit and a wardrobe with a great handbag. So if you’re someone with the bag bug or wondering what to consider when buying a handbag you’ve come to the right place my friend because

I’ve been designing handbags for over 20 years in fact I’ve designed close to about 30 bag collections and there’s so much more to handbags than just color size and shape I mean that’s all important they also have to consider your body shape so I have quick little tips to share with you your handbag style to go if you will and of course these are just principles are
not hard core rules so at the end of the day please wear what you feel best in.

Tip #1

Okay, so for tip number one your bag shape and body shape shouldn’t match if you’re tall and thin consider an unstructured being more of a slouchy back and if you’re around and curvy get a structured style. Think opposite for a beautiful balance if your average all around lucky you you can pretty much support any style but be sure to try on your bag in front of a mirror that’s a total must.

Tip #2

Tip number two the bag should hit your assets those you want to draw attention to so that may be your bust and your waist your hips if you’re petite try not to let your back go lower than your waist if you’re tall celebrate with a long bag that hits you just below the hips so again consider your assets and where you want your bag to hit and if you are trying to camouflage one of your body parts then you want to make sure that the bag doesn’t hit right or out that area.

Tip #3

Tip number three consider your bags and main functions will you wear to work do you need a bag to carry you through the
entire weekend or simply to hold a compact lipstick and phone pockets or no pockets compartments or no compartments color of the lining this is why all the bags that I designed have a bright lining because I didn’t want it to be this black hole where I couldn’t find anything remember you can have more than one bag for different outfits and needs in your life so it’s important just to think about these and there you have it you’re Ada Style Minute.


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Thank you so much for watching stay stylish my friend and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!


Stay stylish my friend and have a great weekend!

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