If you’re like most women in America jeans are staple in your closet, in fact, women in the US, according to continent survey, own an average of seven pairs of jeans!

So my question to you is… out of all of the jeans that you own do you have this one pair of jeans that you look and feel absolutely amazing in? If the answer is no you might want to do a little experiment so do the math and add up how much you’ve spent on jeans that don’t do too much for you for example maybe seven pairs of jeans at about fifty dollars that’s 350, right?! So go to your nearest department store and try on jeans priced and like that $300 price range, take them home try them on again compare them to all the jeans you have in your closet, take a few selfies of yourself from the front, from the back and if the new jeans are far superior and fake you might consider taking a fresh approach to shopping and buying less but better.

The right pair of jeans is like a bra for your tushy it will shrink, minimize, maximize if you want shape and lift. So try the experiment and let me know how it goes  and if you found the magical pair of jeans please share with others in the comments below.

If you haven’t already downloaded the body shape guide to find the perfect jeans feel free to do so down below and if you liked this video like it share it with a friend and check out more videos on tips tricks and advice to build your style confidence here on the Ada Deferrari blog.

Stay stylish my friend and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.

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