Hello and welcome to Style Saturday where I’m answering some of your biggest style struggles, your biggest style frustrations that you’ve emailed in to me and I’m looking at these and I’m either answering them during my live Friday style sessions or I’m making these short videos for you.

This week’s Style Saturday Minute is about looking anti-frumpy and my 81-year old style client will take the spotlight. I mean, just watch the video for a sec to see how stylish and elegant she looks!

Barb wrote in and she said:

And yes, absolutely we can!

Okay so just so we’re on the same page… what is frumpy in the first place? Frumpy is the opposite of stylish, right?! Frumpy is when you’re feeling just kind of old-fashioned, you don’t feel like your look is up to date, maybe some of the patterns you’re wearing aren’t very modern or just the silhouettes in general. Perhaps you’re needing just a few quick tweaks or a big closet overhaul.

I don’t know exactly where you’re at with everything but I wanted to give you an example of one of my style clients who’s actually 81 years old and if you look at her image here she definitely doesn’t look like it, she says she doesn’t feel like it and she doesn’t act like it and let’s take a quick peek at her outfit and what she’s doing:

She’s wearing a modern color. This rosy color that she’s wearing is actually a very updated modern color and she has it paired with some white beach pants now what is doing it’s first of all she’s dressing for her shape so she is a plus size woman but she’s dressing for her shape and she’s creating a balance in her outfit, her upper body and her lower body are nicely balanced. Also, if you notice in on her shoulder, she has kind of like a little off the shoulder peekaboo kind of thing going so it’s just a small little tweak where she’s showing her shoulder and it gives her outfit just a modern twist.

If you notice, she’s also not wearing just a simple plain t-shirt across… so it doesn’t break her, but she has a knot that she’s put into her t-shirt. It’s bringing the eye up it’s bringing interest and it’s not breaking her in half so first and foremost not to dress frumpy is a dress for your body shape so that’s super vital.

How to dress your body shape

If you’re not really sure about dressing for your body shape I have a great style session every Friday you can sign up HERE or I also have a dress your shape guide where you can figure out and calculate your body shape and I give you many examples of how to dress for it so that’s.

Next what she’s got going on is she’s got an accessory so she has this beautiful necklace it’s very understated it’s simple it’s classic but that necklace is actually pulling together her entire look and then she’s got cool updated modern handbag as well.

As you can see, my 81 year old client is inspiring all of us to get out of our frumpiness and step up our game and you can do so with color you can do so with balancing your body shape with unique elements to your outfit like the little off the shoulder that she’s got going on.

My next point is if you need that extra inspiration there are so many amazing bloggers, instagrammers, fashion experts that you can follow either on Instagram or on Pinterest that will give you so much inspiration and motivation what I suggest is that you follow somebody that has your style your personal style maybe your lifestyle and also if it happens to be that somebody that also has your body shape then that’s excellent and again, if you’re not sure about your body shape download the body shape guide and join me for my Friday style sessions and that’ll give you a great foundation of what to look for when you’re shopping how to shop your own closet and what to wear on an everyday basis to look and feel confident.

I hope that answers your question and if you have any other questions leave a comment for me below or email me your style struggles your style frustrations and I will be answering them for you every Saturday and be sure to follow me here on Instagram where I am sharing with you daily tips, tricks and style tweaks that you could be doing to inspire and motivate your fashion a game thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.


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