How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Travel blog

Wondering How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe For Travel?

This video is for you if you want to look great on your trip but don’t want to overpack.

You can absolutely pack light in a carryon and still have endless outfits. The key is to choose interchangeable pieces that mix and match to create many looks.

I share with you the foundation to creating a capsule wardrobe and you can apply it to a travel capsule wardrobe by simply cutting back on clothes you bring depending on the days of travel.

Be sure to download the essentials checklist where I suggest basics to have in your closet that will always go with whatever new top or bottoms you choose to bring.

#1 Study the places you’re going to

If it’s for a professional meeting I want to not only study the space but also what part of the country what part of the world it’s it, how do people mainly dress… so for example in NY people do tend to wear a little bit more darker conservative colors versus LA where the style is a little bit more casual. So you want to study the place that you are going to and also of course geographically, what kind of temperatures, activities you’re gonna be doing.. is it just for pleasure, for fun… you’re gonna be hiking… you’re going to be going to a museum.



#2 Choose a color palette

I get it, you don’t want just one color… sometimes some of my clients are like “I don’t want to stick to one color palette” but this is just one trip… it’s not that you have to stick to this color palette for the rest of your life. Let’s say you’re gonna create a winter travel capsule, well just think about which winter colors are the colors you’re attracted to and the colors you like to wear and how would they fit in the place you’re gonna be traveling.


And of course there’s always neutral palette that you can go with that might just be the easiest thing to do.



Sometimes is more fun just to add some colors. There are so much  psychology behind colors, it lifts us up and it also causes this cool reaction from other people when we wear certain colors, so definitely do consider maybe bringing in a pop of color, maybe 3 colors. What I usually tend to do is I will have maybe 3 neutral colors that are my base colors… black, white or grey and 2 or 3 pops of colors.



I have a great essentials checklist f you are still missing the basic essential pieces in your wardrobe. After you have the basics whatever new pieces your going to buy is going to fit in really nice with your closet.


#3 Putting together your outfits

The outfit formula I use is 3 2 1, this is actually the putting together the outfit part. I have usually 3 tops 2 bottoms and 1 outer layer. That’s one cluster and one cluster is for 3 days . I usually have 1 new top every day, for you might be different. And the way that it works is that this cluster gives you 12 outfits because you’re mixing and matching and of course you can mixing in some accessories to upgrade these outfits, this is how it looks…

You have 6 pieces that you mix and match and you can go up to 12 outfits! And that’s basically because here you have the tops you’re mixing and matching with the different bottoms and then of course the outer layer and imagine if you have sneaker, high heels etc.. it would completely change the look and that’s why it goes up to 12 outfits.

A few examples here for you:



These are just a few pieces I’d always bring as accidentals. I always have a silk blouse, warm sweater for a winter capsule and black leggings that could also dress up or dress down and I always like to travel with at least one dress and something lounge like some really comfortable pants ad a sweatshirt.


And that’s how I pack a light carry on to all my trips 🙂

If you have any questions leave a comment for me below and I’ll be happy to answer! I also want to knowdo you have any secrets or tips of your own? I’m sure you can share it with us!!


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