How to transition your wardrobe between seasons especially from summer to fall is what we’ll be talking about in today’s video.

So it just kind of depends or where are you living in the country. I live in Northern California and typically in the middle of the summer it’s super hot and then in the middle of the fall, it’s pretty cool.

We definitely have true seasons. And the transition time is an interesting time because sometimes it’s extremely hot like a hundred degrees, and then the other day in the mornings it really cools down.

So, how do you dress and how do you prepare your wardrobe for something like that?

Now, believe it or not, this is actually my favorite time to get dressed because, again, in the middle of the summer when there are a hundred degrees I don’t want to have a ton of layers on. I really can’t wear maxi dresses or skirts which I really love to wear. So, this is a “cool time”, a nice time where I can really wear some of those items like long-sleeved shirts, maxis, and different items like that in my closet that I haven’t really been able to wear because later on when the weather cools down, it’s just too cold.

So, this is kind of like an in-between season and I do prep my closet in a kind of in-between capsule, so an intermediate capsule I create for this time of the year.

Now, if you haven’t seen any of my videos on ‘Capsule Collections’ go ahead and check those out, I’ll leave some links for you below.

But basically, a capsule collection is made up of about 20 pieces I can mix and match into outfits. And what’s great is that everything is separated out from your closet in a little mini capsule and anything that you pick you can just mix and match it.

So this intermediate capsule is pretty interesting. What I’m pooling for this capsule is a little bit different than what I’m gonna have for my true fall capsule collection or what I had for summer, it’s kind of like an in-between.

First, I wanted to share with you what are some of the pieces that are great to wear in this kind of changing of the season time.

Well, the first thing that you can wear is, of course, layers. So for me, it’s maybe longer dresses that I haven’t been able to wear and maybe a little bit of darker colors that again, with a hundred degrees weather I’m not gonna wear all black. But now this is a nice time where I can wear darker colors and longer dresses, and then I just simply layer a light blazer or a jean jacket over my dress. So, the number one tip is ‘Layering’. If you are creating your intermediate capsule collection, bring in just more additional layers of these jean jackets, maybe jean-denim jacket in different colors, little blazers, cardigans, so just get more layers and pieces like that.

how to transition from Summer to Fall

Another way just to bring in more of that cooler weather touch to your capsules is bringing in ‘Closed-Toe Shoes’. So typically, during the summer I’m wearing more like slides and sandals, and maybe now going into a cooler season I would wear closed-toe shoes maybe booties with my dresses just to give my body a little bit of warmth but I don’t have to necessarily completely change my wardrobe.

How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The third tip that I love to do is now with the change of the season I’m bringing in more ‘Fall Colors’ into my wardrobe. So, summer I was wearing just more like bright yellows and reds and now I am just kind of cooling things down. Blue happens to be a Pantone color of the year, so maybe wearing more blue… I’m bringing in fall colors through scarves, through jewelry, through just a cardigan or a blazer into my intermediate capsule.

I also love to bring in more ‘Texture‘. During this fall season, I just think that what makes it more interesting of course it’s already a lot of texture because you’re wearing dresses or blazers. But you could also bring in texture through a belt. So, you can maybe pick up like this snake print or a Croco, or something that adds a little bit of more kind of heaviness to it but not necessarily making your outfit heavy. It’s just like a heavier element that creates that nice balance for in-between seasons.

And last but not least, I kind of mentioned this already. I’m wearing ‘Longer Dresses’, long-sleeved shirts, like this one that I’m wearing right now. So again, summer it’s too hot to wear a long-sleeved shirt and in the middle of fall this is not going to keep me warm enough, I’d have to go into a sweater. So a long-sleeved shirt like this is so nice to do, and I would typically mix it with maybe a short skirt or shorts. And then vice-versa, I would wear maybe more pants, like I haven’t been able to wear my white pants even because it’s just been too hot. So this is just that perfect season where I could kind of have maybe like an evening summer look if you will and I could bring in some of the pieces that I haven’t worn in a while.

I hope this post helps to bring some of those pieces that you haven’t worn during the summer or that you can’t wear in the fall… Put those pieces together, take advantage of that one/two months when you can wear those pieces, mix them in with both… Now when it comes to organizing your wardrobe, what I have, just a quick review, is I have everything color-coded in my closet but I pick out from that a capsule. So I would have a summer capsule, a fall capsule.. Obviously, the summer capsule is stored away when I’m done with it and then I bring out my fall, but right now I just have both. I still have my summer capsule, I brought off my fall, and then I have those intermediate pieces.

I’m really looking forward to inspiring you to bring in some of those pieces, mix and match, have fun with style… And if you have any questions, leave a comment for me below. Let me know what is your biggest style frustration and I’m going to be answering it in my ‘Style Minute’.

So thank you again for reading and I’ll see you next time on ‘Ada Style Minute‘.

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