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For those of you who know, welcome back! For those of you who don’t, my name is Ada Deferrari, and I’m all about sharing with you how to dress for your body type, how to dress for your body shape so you look and feel super confident in your own skin.

Now, in today’s video… Actually, let me take that back… In last week’s video, I talked about what to wear this spring-summer season if you gained a little weight in the tummy area. In this video, I wanted to share with you a few ideas of what to wear if you happen to gain a little bit of weight in the lower part area, like the hips or the booty so how to balance out your entire body type and body shape.

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Okay, let’s get started! If you are a lady who is the pear-body-type or body shape and you may gain more weight down at the bottom in your hip area, and for the most part probably your waist is a little bit smaller in comparison. Now, this is your season because this trend right now that we’re having is all about the puffy shoulder and all about just calling attention up to the upper body here, which is wonderful because it balances out your bottom.

And what you want to do is you really want to emphasize the waist. So you can do that with a belt, you can do it with a crop top, and higher waisted pants, you could do that with really cool different cuts that you see in tops right now, you know you have those tank tops that are like one-shoulder, or puffy, or that have some kind of embellishment all up here.

So, bring attention here and then you can wear something either a darker down at the bottom or, not necessarily, you could also in this trend is also in favor for your body shape is you can wear a wider like pant down at the bottom. So, you can go with something either like a culotte or just pants that are just slimming but then it widens down at the bottom, not a bell-bottom necessarily, but those like kind of straight and it makes your legs look long and they’re just so beautiful.

And yes, you can wear white pants too so! Especially in like a wider leg and you can have a bright top and it balances out your body shape beautifully.

The other thing that I think is super flattering right now for your body type is skirts! So those skirts that have like an a-line that just hit nicely on the waist and flare out a little bit… Those are your best friends! In fact, I feel like my body shape changes all the time, I’m like a chameleon. And for me, any time that I’m a little bit bigger down at the bottom, I think that skirts are super flattering and I prefer skirts that hit just above the knee. I’m not a fan of shorts, I probably told you guys that a few times in these videos… I’m not a fan but I do love skirts, and I think skirts are super flattering.

Now, if your style is a little bit more like masculine like tomboy-ish you can still wear skirts… You can just wear a skirt that maybe doesn’t flare out as much. So maybe not something like boom, like I don’t know, with foofoo on it, but something a little bit more like it flairs. You can choose a color that’s a little bit more neutral, you can choose a sandal that feels a little bit more, or less, I would say feminine…  And then also pair it with a T-shirt and kind of tie the t-shirt off to the side.

But it’s all about, again, bringing attention to your waist and kind of disguising the hips area. So, this is your season! With, again, the culotte and the wider pants and skirts.

And the third, with dresses. There’re so many gorgeous dresses right now as well. So you want the dress to hit you at the waist, kind of what I’m wearing right now, and that kind of flare out.

You can choose something longer, you can choose something shorter… But dresses are also your best friend. And then you can pair it up with a belt.

I don’t know if you already know this, but I design women’s leather belts at ADA Collection. And we have so many gorgeous wrap styles belts that pair beautifully with dresses. I think dresses for the spring-summer season are just a wonderful go-to. Again, you can make them more feminine or less feminine with something very basic like a T-shirt dress, and then just take one of the midi wrap belts or skinny-wrap belts and tie it around just loosely belt it out if you’d like… And perfection, so easy!

Now, what if, again, you gained weight in the tummy area and down below, anybody? That’s me! So, that’s okay too. You really want to know your body shape, I have a body shape calculator link down below where I give you more tips about dressing for your body type.

But everything that I mentioned here with the lower body if you gained weight if you’re not necessarily a pear-body-shape and you gained weight down below, that still holds true for you. And then with your tops just choose tops that are not necessarily super tight and fitted, or big. If you’re getting a top that’s a little bit more shape-less and then knot it there or the button-downs, tie a little knot in the front, tuck it in all the way… So many cute ways to wear this.

So, there you have it! All the different ways to wear spring and summer styles. Definitely don’t forget to inject some color in there. I’m gonna be doing a whole color series coming up on all the different colors, how to wear them, so I hope you come back to this channel.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe! And I’m going to be doing a whole color series for you as well. So thank you so much for watching, I hope this was helpful, leave a comment for me below, let me know! And I will see you in the next video.






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