Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. For those of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, I’m a personal style coach helping women look good and feel good in their clothes. Now I have a special series for you, all about dressing for your body shape. I am going to be covering all the different body types and all the different body shapes. How to identify your body shape. And also what tops to wear and what tops to avoid, what bottoms to wear and what bottoms to avoid. And how to put complete outfits together. Again, to make you feel good and look good so you do good, and you’re super confident throughout the day in what you’re wearing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.


If you have a pear-shaped body, typically you have a smaller bustline and your hips and booty are wider than your shoulders. Congratulations, you have a gorgeous body shape. In fact, a lot of women are paying good money to have your body shape. But if you’re trying to create a little bit more balance in your body shape, I don’t want to tell you necessarily to minimize any body parts but perhaps accentuating your upper body and flattering your waist is your styling challenge.

Three celebrities that I can quickly think of off the top of my head that you probably know of are Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Now with Beyonce, she does have a pear-shaped body type. However, you wouldn’t really know what you would think that she has an hourglass because she does tend to really emphasize her shoulders and her bust and really brings in like she cinches at the waist beautifully. The same thing with Jennifer Lopez, you’ll see her very often showing off her shoulders because showing off your shoulders will actually make your waist look smaller. And it will create that balance because when your waist looks smaller than your hips look beautiful and curvy so all three celebrities have you know look like they have an hourglass shape and Shakira same thing emphasizes her waist with belts, wears her hair kind of like nice and big because also that creates a great balance and she’s just so gorgeous. What a gorgeous body shape. Now, we will get into tops in just a second.


But it’s really about how to create the outfit, to create that balance is kind of the secret sauce. So you want to create a balance with a darker bottom and a lighter top. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear black on the bottom. It just means that the two contrasting colors that will bring you that hourglass shape and you want to emphasize again your waist because of that contrast or with a belt. You could also elongate your bottom half by wearing longer trousers and a heel that brings attention to your top with like some kind of shoulder detailing and again, you’re emphasizing your waist with a belt. That contrast also does it but again you can elongate your legs beautifully. Something maybe a little tiny bit more not necessarily baggy on the bottom but just like a little bit more roomy.

And then you have some kind of interesting top with maybe there’s some shine or color or interesting detailing and I’ll show you and of course, flowy prints and patterns are wonderful dresses look fantastic and beautiful on you. And you’re always cinching them off with a belt as well.

So let’s get to the tops. Now if you’re somebody like I don’t know if I can or cannot wear her horizontal stripes because there’s so much news out there saying like avoid the horizontal stripes because they make you look whiter well for you. It’s okay if you bring in more of that detail to your upper body. horizontal stripes will look fantastic on you because again you have maybe more curves on the bottom and then you’re just balancing yourself out beautifully and interesting detailing on the top such as the puffy sleeve or some kind of unique neckline or any kind of like cinching around the waist is beautiful on you. There are so many gorgeous tops with like lace and just friend gatherings and off-shoulder that you can wear that are gonna look so fantastic on you like all my friends have a pear-shaped body type they can wear like the best tops and they look so good. And again like anything off the shoulder. You either tank tops or any kind of like slightly off the shoulders. It looks good because when you’re showing your shoulders it really makes your waist look smaller and then balances you off and I mean it just looks beautiful.

Now we’re focusing more on tops but again, it’s all about like how to create that full outfit. So a-line dresses are definitely your best friend. I think a lot of women that have a pear-shaped body type just are attracted tend to be more attracted to a line dresses at least that’s what I see. And then when you’re accentuating it with a belt it looks even better. The same thing with a-line skirts, or you know, either like even crop tops, you can tuck them in or just wear a little bit shorter so you emphasize the waist. And then again flowy dresses or like shirt dresses look super fantastic on you. And as you can see in all of these examples, there’s a belt involved. And if you’re looking for that perfect belt, go on over to the adacollection.com website. There are so many gorgeous beautiful leather wrap belts of different widths, you can go with the classic wrap belt, a MIDI wrap belt, or a skinny wrap belt, and it’s just a really nice little touch for any dress or flowy caftan top to emphasize your waist because you already got that waste going on. So check out some of the leather made in Argentina belts over on the Ada Collection website.

I hope you had some great takeaways from today’s video. If you did, leave a comment for me below. If there’s something I didn’t share and you’d like to add, then please do so as well. And if you again like this video, give me a thumbs up. I’ve got lots of freebies down below so go ahead and download those or check those out for yourself as well. And I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.


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