“I have nothing to wear!” – ever say those words?

It’s a phrase I hear often.

A phrase I used to say myself before I figured out this secret of how to wear my “old clothes” in new way’s and I share it with you in today’s video.

Before diving in,  however, I think it’s important to point out why and what causes this “nothing to wear” problem in the first place.

And the secret I share in today’s video won’t serve unless…

You make time to let yourself be creative.

I know you’re super busy.

Work, family, extracurricular activities, life, hobbies, etc.

I get it. I’m with you!

But taking time to let yourself be creative, even if it’s for 30 minutes per week or an hour per month, whatever time you can dedicated to your style will have a HUGE impact on your confidence.

I mean, this is why you buy clothes in the first place.  (Yes, so you don’t want to run around naked, but a wrap or cloth would do.)

Clothes and the way you dress is a huge part of your confidence.

What woman doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful?

So… make time to play dress up and experiment.

Try on tops with different bottoms that you normally wouldn’t wear together.

Try adding accessories or mixing in print or a splash of color that you haven’t worn before.

What about the shoes you’ve stowed away under your bed?  Or the jewelry you’ve tucked away in a drawer that has now turned into what looks like a ball of spaghetti.

I’m confident that after this video and the dress up session I’m encouraging you to … maybe this weekend (?) … you’ll immediately see a difference in your style and how you feel about yourself.

And I’m confident others will notice too.



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