So you’re getting ready for your trip, and you’re super excited. So of course, before starting to pack, you have to think, Okay, where am I going? What’s the weather gonna be like? What am I going to be doing? Those are really important things. And if you want to go as far as creating a little mood board for yourself, maybe on Pinterest, but thinking about maybe, okay, what’s the destination? What are the colors? Like, what do I want to be wearing, just a little bit of visualization, I think is really nice.

I’m not going to tell you where I’m going, but follow me on Instagram. And you’ll see, but I’ll be going to the coast of Europe. And I know that I will be definitely dressing up a lot more than I dress up now in California. So I need outfits that are a lot more elevated, I’m going to have daytime wear, I’m going to have evening wear and I will be also maybe in the nighttime going out on a boat. And so I will want something a little bit more warm thinking of 20 pieces all at once feels overwhelming. So I break it down into three clusters. The first cluster is going to be casual wear, and the second cluster is going to be more evening elevated wear. And for the third cluster. Well, for the most part, I’m going to be wearing warm-weather clothes. So I want something a little bit warmer, just in case the weather turns. The process that I use again, it’s a capsule collection. But I create these like mini clusters.

And so what I do in the first cluster, this is one that I put together for pants, so sometimes in the evenings that might get obviously cooler. And so I run it and make sure I brought enough pants with me. So I have three pairs of pants. And then I have three tops. And then I have one linen kind of like long sleeve shirt that’s going to like pull these outfits together. So I’ve got these like again, like linen, wider-leg pants. These are all kind of similar styles because I am going to more of like a beach town. And so it calls for this style, but again, it’s like three pants.

And then in this next cluster here, I have three skirts, and then three tops, and then one outside layer. And again, it’s like white, I bought a jeans skirt and then a black skirt, three tops. So you can see also that the tops from here will also work for here and the tops from here will work for here everything’s going to be able to kind of interchange.

Okay, and then here’s my third cluster, same thing I have three bottoms, two tops, and oops, I forgot my outer layer. I have this shirt here. And so that as you can see kind of all works together. This is actually a set but these are all shorts. So I have three pairs of shorts, I’ve got skirts there and then pants so I know that I’m pretty sad when it comes to again like the diversity of shorts, pants, and skirts. And everything is going to intermix and these are like short sleeves. These are all short sleeves, but these are tank tops. And these are more with sleeves just for a little bit warmer just in case. So as you can see these are my three clusters.

And now I have my dresses here of a printed, solid black, and then this white one with the eyelets right there. So I have my three dresses. So all of this together is going to create at least 30 different outfits when you can kind of mix and match all of these pieces. But the nice thing about this process is that not only does everything interchange but I know that I’m covered I have like my dressy things here I have some casual here, I have something just in case it cools down here I’ve got like more dressy and casual dresses right there. So I know I’m covered so I can kind of go in peace in the sense. And now comes the fun part because I think these outfits are kind of almost boring on their own. So now it’s time to accessorize them put in belts and scarves and bring in some fun pieces. But I’ll do that in my next video when I’m showing you how I’m going to be accessorizing and just bringing in more color and fun into this location capsule.
So I could bring in those three pop colors either through my shoes through a belt, through a scarf, and that’s actually what I’m wearing right now. Because the scarf could be also super versatile and turned into a top like the way that I’m wearing I just tighten up the on the top and the bottom tucked it in and it’s a great little top as well. And it doesn’t take up as much space. And then throughout the collection, I sprinkle in a few more accessories and jewelry pieces a handbag, and wallah, you’ve got yourself a capsule.
So I hope this helped you feel less overwhelmed. I’m going to be sharing with you in my next video a little bit more detail about what I’ll be packing and some of the essentials that I’m going to be bringing specifically to a beach. I also shared with you last week a video on 10 essentials to take on a trip with you. So check that out as well.
I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any guesses of where I’m going on the coast of Europe, then leave a comment for me below. And if you have any travel tips or capsule tips that I’ve left off, then please include those down below as well.
Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.