How to Dress to Hide a Belly (Dressing over 40:50)

Wondering How To Dress To Hide Your Belly and look slimmer?

You’re not alone.

I get this question often. How is it that one day you look slim and eat nothing but asparagus and salmon and the next day feel like you’ve gained 10 pounds? Truth time. It’s not you; it’s the clothes. There are certain pieces in one’s closet that will accentuate the tummy and others that make you look slim, trim and disguise the tummy fat beautifully.

Watch this video for all the tricks you’ll need to hide your tummy and look slimmer in no time.

So, the last question I got was from Deb and Deb wrote in:

How to hide my tummy

Absolutely there’s. First of all, I really feel you, I have 3 kids myself and after kid number 2 I felt the same exact way and I started wearing this oversized tops… look at this picture.

How to hide belly before and after

I was giving a style session and the photographer wanted me to stand to test the equipments and I saw myself in the camera… I was like “what am I wearing?” it was this oversized top, it looked super frumpy and I was like “common I got get it together” and in the very next day I cleared all my closet and I pulled out pieces that were figure flattering, that were bright colors and made me happy and what happens when you do elevate your style, you elevate your life and there’s a huge ripple affect.

Once I improved my style I started working out, eating better and I just had so much more motivation, I even started my own online business, so again I’m so glad you asked this question and I hope this answer gives you value.

1 – Don’t Wear Oversized Tops

First thing you wanna do to disguise your tummy is not wear oversized tops. When you wear oversized tops, you look more oversized, so wearing tops that are more fitted throughout the shoulder and the bust area and then flare out around the tummy is what you want opt for.

You could actually look for tops that are peplum. Peplum doesn’t necessarily mean what we all kind think, that mini dress that is super fine waist and then goes out. That is the peplum top but there are also peplum tops that are just more fit and flare kind of top and they’re still calling them peplum. Take a look a that.

Peplum tops to hide tummy

Also look for more fitted pieces that when you raise your arms it doesn’t fall straight down, it’s not super boxy, it’s actually tailored down at the size.

Also, there’s lots of tops that now has a puff shoulder and when your shoulder is more puff, it brings attention there and not in the tummy area, but again a fit and kind flare on a peplum top is definitely something you want to look for.

Also, pay attention to the fabrics, make sure the fabrics are not super clingy. Sometimes are certain fabrics that are cling to the body, choose something that are more loose, breeze, but not oversized.

2 – Knot Your T-shirt

Now if you’re not necessarily in the market to go find new pieces, you have a closet full of clothes tip number 2 what you can do is super simple styling trick… you can actually tie a knot in your T-shirt. Instead of wearing them like frumpy-ish across the bottom and having them more boxy, you bring the attention to the little knot and you’re still disguising the tummy area, it’s not like a full tuck but you’re just knotting it and brings attention up, instead in the belly area.

knot your tshirt to hide belly

3 – Pants

It’s super natural for us to pay attention to tops when we’re trying to hide our belly, but just as important are the pants! So, as you probably know Spanx has tummy control underwear, tummy control breath pants and other kinds of tummy control. Look for jeans, leggings or for any kind of pants, skirts that has like a belly control and if you get that tucked in then it’s a lot easier when you’re looking for your tops.

I hope that answers your question and if you have any other questions leave a comment for me below or email me your style struggles your style frustrations and I will be answering them for you every Saturday and be sure to follow me here on Instagram where I am sharing with you daily tips, tricks and style tweaks that you could be doing to inspire and motivate your fashion a game thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.

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