Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. For those of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, I’m a personal style coach helping women look good and feel good in their clothes. Now I have a special series for you, all about dressing for your body shape. I am going to be covering all the different body types and all the different body shapes. How to identify your body shape. And also what tops to wear and what tops to avoid, what bottoms to wear and what bottoms to avoid. And how to put complete outfits together. Again, to make you feel good and look good so you do good, and you’re super confident throughout the day in what you’re wearing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

And right now we are back with one of the most desired body shapes and that is the hourglass. If you have an hourglass shape it means that your shoulders and hips are around the same size and your waistline is significantly smaller. In other words, probably your waist is 10 inches smaller than your bust and your hips.

Now, I know this is a very desired shape, and all of us ladies who have other body types were trying to create an illusion of an hourglass, but if you are one with an hourglass and you are thinking “but it is so hard to maintain this shape”. And so here are a few tips on how to create, well not necessarily to create, but maintain your proportional balance and again to maintain highlighting you’re beautiful waist and elongate your body type.

So the celebrities, I like to point out celebrities who have this body type so that you can check out their looks on the red carpet, or you can just see how they look in general, for the good or for the bad. But basically, these three very kinda popular celebrities have this body type, Scarlett Johansson: Beautiful, perfect hourglass. Salma Hayek has an hourglass, and Kim Kardashian you could say she is either an hourglass or even a pear body shape. But I think for the most part of the way she dresses, she really highlights that gorgeous hourglass shape.

And for these body types, many women that  I know and I personally worked with this body type are petite so they are always kind of thinking how do I elongate my body type as well, so that is what we’re gonna be looking at.

But before we try to think how to fix it, because it’s really not too much fixing here. It’s just how to accentuate your gorgeous shape.

And of course, these are just some takings from Salma Hayek, the way she’s dressing here is a fit and flare. So any kind of A-line, or fit and flare is gorgeous. Again I have many clients that have this body type and body shape and whenever they wear a fit or flare, it looks gorgeous. In fact, that’s the shape of the dress or top that I recommend for all the body shapes. But this is a gorgeous one and also you can go with a pencil skirt, that looks fantastic and super attractive. Maybe even shorter than Salma Hayek is wearing here. But it just depends on, of course on your level if you want to be more conservative, or less, or what you want to show off.

And the middle image here, it’s just a plain bottom down. Very often, women with an hourglass, they don’t maybe want to super highlight their shape, they want to kind of downplay it in an elegant way. And I thought this was a great image contrasting maybe from some of the other ones where you’re really highlighting your shape. But in this case, you are not necessarily super highlighting it, but you’re also not making yourself look frumpy either. So these are the three images that I want to show you here.

So three tops that you want you maybe think of for your body shape are definitely fitted. I mean you have a gorgeous shape and so wearing something more fitted will highlight it beautifully. It doesn’t have to be tight or clingy. Make sure that the fabric is nice, that’s actually really important because if you wear cheap fabric, then you will look cheap, right? So a fitted top with a nice fabric is great. Off-the-shoulder tops I think are so beautiful because just highlighting your shoulders and your neckline, I think is gorgeous. And again yes, you’re showing your body type if you are okay with that then go for it!

And a few necklines that I think are also gorgeous is the sweetheart neckline, especially if you are a little bit more busty, this can be something nice, maybe again if not too low, it depends on your level of conservativeness. A boat neckline, I think is very pretty. A scoop neckline, I think is gorgeous as well. A V-neckline too is beautiful. Just what you want to do is elongate the neck. I think there are three tops that I’m going to share with you that I don’t think are flattering on an hourglass, but these three. I think definitely are good too, of course, but it depends on your style and all of that but you want to highlight kind of think about elongating your neckline and create that really nice balance.

But the three tops that you might wanna really avoid,  just recently I was shopping with one of my clients, she’s an hourglass shape, and these are three tops that we would kina pull out from the hangers and we’re like “oh no, that’s so terrible”. “no x that”

So, an oversize tee, it takes away from your gorgeous shape, and also makes you look a lot bigger because hourglass women tend to be a little bit more busty and so if you’re wearing something oversized with your bustline, it will just make you look big. Also, batwing cut. I think this is also something that you should probably avoid because it makes you look wider, and especially make you look wider in the bust line as you can see here in this image, It’s just there’s so much fabric on the sides that it will make you look wider.

And then ruffled tops, and that are non-shaped kind of ruffled style tops, also again make you look a lot bigger because the shirt is kinda hitting on the bust line, and then flaring out and then make you look bigger.

Just think about unique pretty detailings and something a little bit more fitted, doesn’t have to be super tight. I understand that some women don’t want to highlight necessarily their hourglass so that’s why I showed you that of Salma Hayek, just more conservative but still more fitted. So there you have three tops to wear and three tops to avoid if you are in an hourglass shape.

I hope you had some great takes away from today’s video, if you did leave a comment for me below. If there’s something I didn’t share and you like to add then please do so as well and again, if you like this video, please give me your thumbs up.

I’ve got lots of freebies down below, so go ahead and download those or check those out for yourself as well, and I will see you next time on Ada style minute.


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