How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)

Almost every woman I know thinks she looks fat- even when she’s a size 6 or smaller and eats nothing but salad and salmon. The truth is that there’s ways to instantly look slimmer without dieting. It’s all about getting rid of clothes that make you look and feel bigger and wearing clothes that fit and flatter.

Check out this video for dressing strategically to appear 10lbs lighter and look slim in clothes.

Comment below with any hacks or tricks you’ve learnt on how to dress taller and slimmer!


All right, the first thing is dressing for your body type. I’m such a broken record with this but you gotta dress for your body type and wear clothes that work with your body and not against it. Don’t wear somebody else’s clothes, wear clothes that flatter your unique shape. I have a great body shape calculator that can help you figure your shape out.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 women actually don’t know their body type and they just browse online or Pinterest and be like ” that looks good, that looks good” and then they are like “what’s wrong with my body”. Nothing wrong with your body, it’s just the clothes. So, dress for your body type and that’s how you will look more flattering in your clothes and you will look slimmer of it.

How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)

How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)
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You’re are wearing shapeless and oversized clothes because you’re trying to hide what you think are imperfections. Your curves are beautiful and you need to show them!

How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)

A peplum top is a beautiful piece that you can wear that will work with your curves and create beautiful curves and again it’s not clingy but also doesn’t look like you’re hiding anything.

How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)


The next tip is to Belt! Yes, belt. I know, you will find it super scary, but belts help clothing look more flattering, you wanna belt your skirts, the elastic waist right there, the seam between your shirt and your top. Belt it and it will look so beautiful and seamless, you wanna belt your dresses, you wanna belt your jeans, so that not only it will hold them up but also it will create that beautiful silhouette between your top and your bottom.

If you’re not comfortable with belting necessarily you can belt a blazer, you can belt a cardigan, you can belt underneath it and it will just give more shape to your body and it will look so beautiful and flattering.

How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)
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How To Dress Skinny (In a Good Way)
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Monochromatic is a wonderful outfit formula and it’s so flattering. It helps elongate your silhouette. So basically like all grey, all beige, it’s also very sophisticated and chic. Try it on!


Vertical lines elongates and makes you look longer. So the same thing with jeans, you know how jean have kind that dye process that instead of horizontal you wanna go vertical . In fact if you’re wondering what jeans to get for your body shape you wanna watch this video right here. Darker jeans and jeans that have more vertical lines are fantastic.


Speaking of which, next tip is dark colors! You don’t necessarily have to go all black but darker colors minimize and lighter colors maximize so playing around with your body type and balancing is important but if you want to pull off a more skinny look o with darker colors and those are my tips on looking skinny.

Best Jeans For Your Body Type | See this before you go shopping

Buying the perfect pair of jeans is not easy. In this video I’m sharing everything you really need to know about buying a pair of jeans. There’s more to it than just going for your favorite brand, you need to know your body type, consider color, the wash and lots more that i talk about in today’s video.

I hope you love this video and try out some of these tips for yourself. Let me know in the comments your biggest frustration when it comes to buying choose and your take aways from this video.

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