One common frustration I hear from women is the lack of knowing how to put together outfits. You might have a closet full of amazing clothes but you’re always wearing your default pieces. If that’s you then you’ll want to watch this video.

Something that I’ve been hearing over and over again “I’m looking through Pinterest, I’m looking through fashion magazines… everyone’s dressed so well, I’ve got amazing pieces in my closet but I’m always going with my default clothes or I like pre-create these certain outfits and I just wear those… I don’t get it how do all the ladies on pinterest come up with all these cool creative outfits.

If you’re wondering, then you’ll definitely want to watch this video.

I created a formula that logically explains how to put together outfits so you can go through this list and pick maybe two, three four of your favorites and you’ll be able to duplicate and multiply your closet just by simply following the formula. It might sound kind of funny but the formula spells out FLOWERS yes, flowers.


The first part of the formula “F” stands for fabulous dress. Your first outfit formula is a fabulous dress or a jumpsuit actually. If you’re wondering what do I pack, what do I wear, you could always wear a fabulous dress that on its own is an outfit formula and from there you could just add a belt, or add maybe a bracelet but you don’t have to do too much because of course you don’t have like the top and the bottom to pick out. I love it and I wear pretty much year round.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet  


“L” stands for layering on the layers. Many ladies that I work with wear a top, some cute bottoms and they’re like “I just feel like my outfit’s incomplete”. Layering on that third piece whether it be a kimono or a blazer, a vest even a cardigan adds that third piece that pools together the entire outfit.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet


“O” stands for outstanding top. I’ve talked a lot about “L” the layering on the layers that third piece and one of my clients said “Hey Ada, I actually go to the gym at five in the morning, I don’t want to use jewelry, I don’t want to bring on the layers… I just want to have two pieces: a top and a bottom and just have an amazing outfit, how do I do it?” If you make the the top an outstanding part of your outfit then you don’t have to do too much more work, you can wear a really cool cut, a beautiful color some kind of unique feature on the top maybe it’s like a one shoulder kind of look but the top on its own wows.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet


Next we’re going to walking wonders and this is actually one of my favorite outfit formulas especially when the weather turns a little bit cooler for fall and winter. I love this it’s very nice and simple, so basically you’re just wearing something uber simple up on top and bottom, let’s just say a white blouse and jeans and then you take it up a notch with really cool kicks. You wear your walking wonders and that’s what really wow, it could be a heel, a unique color or a really cool print of on a booty, it could be a really unique sandal or a unique shape but it’s really something that wows and makes your outfit so party on the bottom.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet


“E” stands for extraordinary bottom. This is one of my outfit formulas that I use when I travel. When I travel I bring tons of different tops in simple colors, black, white, gray, red… simple tops and then I will make the outfit pop with the bottoms, because I’m thinking that while I’m traveling I need to always wash my tops but maybe the bottoms I could skip the wash and every other day wear them and I like to bring in lots of color so that it nicely brings in the color of my very simple top.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet


“R” stands for rad mix and match. This is where you see those like really cute outfits on Pinterest where they’re matching polka dots and stripes or flowers and stripes or just unique patterns unique colors so it’s a really cool rad mix and match if maybe eclectic is your style then you’ll love this outfit formula.


And “S” stands for statement accessories. Very similar to the walking wonders, you keep your outfit very simple but then you layer on the accessories. You might wear a belt or a really cool red handbag with matching red shoes, you can bring it like layer on the necklaces you can collect all the pearl necklaces and just stack them on top of each other and really make a statement. This is a really awesome outfit formula too. Just think… keep it simple and then get the statement jewelry going.

Simple outfit formulas that will transform the way you see your closet

There you have it… FLOWERS. All of these wonderful outfit formulas and now you can choose one of the outfit formulas and pre plan your outfits for the week or month and create a capsule around it and it’ll just make putting together outfits so much easier (If you haven’t yet seen my capsule video check it out here and if you haven’t seen my video on mixing and matching color check it out here.)

I also have some great resources for you down below including the dress your shape guide and an invitation to my Friday style sessions .

I hope that this video helped you and gave you some ideas on going into your closet and creating some cool outfits. I’m super curious which one of these outfit formulas is your favorite? Leave a comment for me below, let me know and be sure to tune in next Saturday for style Saturday where I’m answering your biggest style frustrations.


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