If you’re someone that maybe takes a long time to get ready in the morning, maybe you have to switch out 10,15, 20 outfits before you’re ready to go, if you’re buying and returning, or maybe you’re buying leaving the tags on in the closet… you might be lacking a little bit of style confidence.

And today I’m giving you the formula for style confidence so you can learn it and you can have it.

Welcome back to Ada Style Minute, my name is Ada, your personal stylist girlfriend. And today we’re talking about confidence, more specifically style confidence and the formula for style confidence. Ok, here we go!

1. So, the first part of the formula for ultimate style confidence are style skills.

Yes, style skills. You have to know how to dress for your body type, put together outfits, learn how to accessorize and what accessories are for your body type, what colors to wear, how to put together a balanced outfit not only for your body shape but the balance and proportion of the outfit. All of these are skills that you can absolutely learn.

2. Number two, you have, again, a growth mindset you want to improve.

You’re not one of these people that think that fashion and style are vain, that is a waste of time, that is not important… You know you have to get dressed every single morning and you know when you look and feel polished you’re going to perform better. Maybe you have that favorite outfit that you wore and you’ve just felt much more confident in it, and then you have the other way around where you have kind of more. Maybe you have a frumpy outfit and you just didn’t have that confidence.

So, if you’ve ever even had that experience, you probably have a growth mindset, and you see the difference and you want to improve. So, that is super important for style confidence because, again, if you don’t want to improve, if you aren’t reading or watching videos, maybe joining a program, if you’re not open to it and you just think that “Well, I wasn’t born with it” or “It is not important” or “I’m too old, or I’m too this, I’m too that”, and you don’t have that growth mindset. So, you’re never gonna have the style confidence! And I think it’s important.

That’s something I actually cover in my programs, I’m gonna be launching soon “Dress Your Shape Program”. I will have a free workshop coming out soon and I hope you join me for it. But we really talk about style skills to have and also that opened mindset, some of the blocks that might be, you know, tripping you up a little bit. If someone commented “Hey, you shouldn’t be wearing that” and that maybe trips you up a little bit, or if your mother has made comments of maybe you being big-boned and maybe kind of created this block.

All of us have body issues, none of us have that perfect body. But as long as you’re open to learning how to dress for your body type, getting those skills, then you’re going to get style confidence.

3. The third part of the formula that also is extremely important is taking action and actually putting into practice what you’ve been learning.

So, say that you’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos or putting things on in your Pinterest boards or copying from magazines, and you’re not putting it into action, then it does you no good. And, again, something that I cover in my program is how to put things into action.

The style skills that you’re learning, so you’ve watched a YouTube video and you’re like “Oh, that sounds great!” and then you’re just getting information and information and information but you’re not putting it into action, then you’re never gonna get the style confidence. So, putting things into action is super important.

And I hear this, in fact, I’ve just had a meeting with one of my DYS alumni and she was saying the same thing. She was like “Before I join the program I’ve been watching all of your YouTube videos, I was banging on them, I was taking notes, I had a Pinterest board but until the program, I never actually put it into action. I needed more of a hand-holding”. Which is totally normal, is actually something that I’m going through right now as well with other things in my life. If I want to become, you know, better in investing or whatever it might be, I need the skills, I need to have an open mindset and I do need to put things into action. Otherwise, it’s useless.

4. And the fourth part of the formula is to have supportive work while you’re doing it.

So, for example, if I’m trying to improve on my investment skills and my mindset and putting things into action is really nice to have the work of people that are going either through at the same time as me or people that have gone through it already and know to look for it, know what books to read or how to do it… It’s really helpful.

The same thing here, let’s just put style aside for a second and I’ll give another example. You want to be a better cook, the same thing. If you have a supportive family that’s going to be tasting your food and giving you positive feedback, it’s going to encourage you! Otherwise, if they’re just like “Oh my gosh, this is terrible, you’re a terrible cook”, I mean, it might discourage you a little bit.

So, what we’ve done in the Dress Your Shape Program, we’ve created a community and the support and the network of people that are going to be supporting you because especially when it comes to style, it’s tricky! It’s kind of tough.

So, sometimes you might go into work and if you have positive people around, they’d say “Oh, beautiful outfit! Wow, looks like you’ve lost weight!” and you’re feeling all confident like “Well, I actually have it, I’m just dressing for my body shape”.

One of my style clients told me the other day, somebody that who doesn’t have style confidence will say “Oh, and those shoes” and start putting you down like “Wow, how did you get dressed today!” and try to make you feel bad.

I mean, as an example, maybe these ladies are watching this video right now, but last week I got a comment about “Your necklace is cricked”. Well, if you’re right next to me and you told me that my necklace was cricked, and it was actually the microphone that made it kind of cricked, but it doesn’t matter… The point is that if somebody is next to you to critique you or not to help you in a positive way later on if they’re criticizing you, you just don’t need those people in your life.

So, especially if you’re on a style journey or whatever kind of confidence journey you’re on, it’s important to have a supportive network so that, again, you’re able to build up your confidence and later on, if somebody tells me on a cricked necklace, I don’t care. I’ll just brush it off, it doesn’t matter.


I’m giving you this example because especially with style confidence I feel like there’s a lot of haters out there because we’ve gotten a lot of criticism from our moms, our dads, of school mates, bullying… Whatever it might be, and it has maybe affected us and we think that we’re too big-boned or we think that our size is too big or that our tummy is too big, and that we just can’t wear certain pieces, that designers don’t make for us… They do! But again, you need to have the skills, you need to have the open mindset, you need to put things into action, and having that supportive community around you to be able to do all of that. Is part of the formula, is part of the style confidence formula and it’s just part of the confidence formula in general.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! I will have a free Style Workshop coming up all about dressing for your body type, where I’m going to give you lots of little tips and techniques on how to dress for your shape so you can polish up those style skills.

Later on, I will open up the Dress Your Shape Formula where we’re gonna talk more about those skills and the mindset and the community and taking things and putting them into action.


So I hope you join me on this journey, and that you’ve enjoyed all of my videos and all the content that I’ve been giving you.

So, again, if you’ve found valuable this, share it with your friends and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.

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