You know when you’re in a funk maybe in a little shabby mood, or you’re just feeling a little down? Or is it that time of the month or whatever it might be and you’re in a funk? And the first outfit you’ll probably wanna grab is a cozy pair of oversized sweats, right? Something that feels good against your skin and maybe you’ll throw your hair up and you won’t do your make-up? And I get it, I feel the same way! I feel like also being in control of what I wear and wearing something super cozy so at least I feel good in that regard. I mean, that’s the same thing with you’re feeling kind of funky and you start eating all sorts of things that you probably wouldn’t if you were feeling good. So, the same thing with your wardrobe. We just reach for something that is not probably going to be the best for us. But today I wanted to challenge you when in a funk, reach for your best dress!

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. My name is Ada Deferrari, I’m the founder and the creative director behind ADA Collection Belts, and I’m also the creator of the Ada Style Formula and the DYS (Dress Your Shape) Program. And welcome to our Style Minute today!

So, today we’re talking about what to wear when you’re in a funk. And my motto is when in a funk, put on your best dress. This is actually the same as my grandma had. She would say “when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, put on your best dress”. But I’m feeling kind of like the funk.

So, I get it, when we’re in a funk the last thing we wanna do is put on a dress. However, studies show that how we see ourselves on the outside is going to affect the way that we feel about ourselves on the inside.

In other words, you’re feeling in a little bit of a funk, you’re feeling kind of down… Whatever it might be, something happened and you’re just, you know… off. Your chee is off.

So, again, we wanna reach for those sweats, but when we get a glimpse of ourselves in a reflection like a mirror obviously, the window, the TV, or our computer screen, that’ll remind you like “oh, right. I’m in a funk and am so I’m wearing sweats today”. Or, we could also get a reflection of ourselves when we look at somebody because they have a certain reaction towards us.

And I totally get it, I’ve been there before myself! I mean, I’m human! I get in a crappy mood myself. But what we want to do is we want to challenge ourselves to look our best those days. In other words, put on your best dress when you’re in a funk!  You telling what mood I’m in today? That’s our little secret!

But really, when we are wearing our best dress, and we’ve done our hair, we’ve done our makeup and now we get a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror, we’re gonna feel a little bit better! Just think about when you go to a wedding or a special occasion and you’re all dressed up… How do you feel? Do you feel crappy and down, or do you just feel a little bit more pull-together, uplifted and your spirits are up, right? And people see you and they greet you and they’re like “oh, hello! You look lovely today”. And you also give yourself a glimpse in the mirror and you’re like “yeah, I feel good today!”.

That’s the feeling that you want to trick yourself having when you’re in a funk. So, fake it until you make it! That’s another great motto! We’re faking our own selves just temporarily until we start to feel better.

So, pick out your favorite dress that you have in your closet, maybe 1, 2, 3 favorite dresses, and put them out closer into the daily outfits that you have. I know that many of us have our dresses kind of tucked away far far away because it isn’t necessary dresses right now… But get those dresses out or get those glammer outfits out and put them in the center. And anytime you’re feeling in a funky and you’re gravitating towards those sweats, instead, go for a dress.

And just put a timer on and say “you know, I’m just gonna get ready in 2 minutes. Let me quickly just do what I can with my hair, throw on a little bit of lip gloss, some blush”… whatever your makeup routine is like the simplest form. And then see how you feel.

In fact, I‘d love you to leave me a comment down below to see if you’ve ever tried this or if you’re willing to try this, or try it today! And just let me know how you feel at the end of the day and how that experience has been because for me, personally, it works every time.

So, fake it until you make it. When in a funk, put on your best dress!

And if you enjoyed it and if you know anyone else that’s in a  little bit of a funky mood, you can go and forward them this video and maybe they’ll appreciate it! So, thank you again so much for watching, give me the thumbs up if you like, leave me a comment, subscribe right there so that you’re notified any time I come up with a new video.

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Alright, thank you so much for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.

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