If you find it challenging to figure out what looks good on you and struggle to find clothes that aren’t too big, that flatter your figure, that give you shape but are age-appropriate, then you are in the right place.

As a designer, I felt embarrassed to admit that I had the same styling challenges.

I’m an accessory designer, but still.

“Is it really that hard to find clothes for ones body!?”


There are many factors to consider when choosing clothes that will fit and flatter our unique shape.

We all have different body shapes, torso lengths,  leg lengths, widths, proportions, etc.

I was hearing from so many women the same pain points I was having so I made it my mission to find answers.

I didn’t have to search long and too hard because I was already working with many stylists that owned retailed stores.

It was a matter of 102 interviews.

Reading approximately 46 books on styling.

And close to 2,400 hours spent visiting stores, reviewing products and trying on clothes.

(I said I didn’t have to search hard to know where to find the answers.  But getting the answers was a big project.)

And lucky for you, I compiled all of my notes in The Complete Guide:  Dressing For Your Body Type.  It’s all about how to choose clothes that fit and flatter and that your  mom didn’t teach you (or me)). 🙂

You’ve already figured out your body shape, right?  I gave you the general shape guide sent to your inbox open signing up.

If you’re ready and serious about wanting to make a change and wear what will truly be flattering for your unique body, than you’ll want to check out The Complete Guide.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can find inside:

How to Minimize Midsection

The midsection tends to be an area that many women try to disguise
or cover. Here are tips to do just that:

  • Opt for soft clothing that have a slight draping or ruching effect.
  • Draw attention to your neckline and face by wearing interesting
    details higher up that will distract the eye and divert from tummy.

  • Avoid tight clothing that cling to your tummy
  • Avoid baggy tops they will actually exaggerate
    your overall size. If you do wear shapeless
    loose tops, wear a belt where you natural
    waist line would be.
  • Avoid tucking in your top into your pants
    as it can accentuate a belly (unless your pants are high waisted and hold you in).
  • A dark pair of leggings worn with a long, flowing tunic that covers
    your bottom will put the spotlight on your legs and give you a
    slimming silhouette. Asymmetrical tunics work particularly well to
    trick the eye and divert from the tummy.

  • Opt for layers with long thin fabrics. Thin layers are another good
    way to distract. For example, a long tee under a longer cardigan
    works well. It will create the illusion that you are taller than you are.
  • Wear tops that are fitted at top and looser in midsection (empire
    waist tops or peplum tops)
  • A fitted jacket is a simple, easy solution that nips in at the waist
    and will create an illusion of hourglass figure. Be sure to wear it
  • Wear a Good Bra. You want to avoid having your breasts hang low
    touching tummy. Hike up the girls with a good bra to leave some
    space between your breasts and your tummy, and see what a huge
    difference this makes.
  • Monochromatic colors minimize a tummy and overall create a
    slimming look. Stick to one tone from head to toe and then add a
    jacket, vest, cartigan or lightweight cover up with a pop of color.

Image Credit: Gabi Fresh


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