Hi beautiful lady, Today I’ll be talking about what I won’t wear this Spring and I want to preface this by saying that these things aren’t out of style but they’re just not my style, and I’d love your opinion on this.

Now, my opinion might not be popular and I want to hear from you…So please share in the comments any feedback that you can give me.

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Okay, the number 1 item I won’t be wearing this spring is flatforms. I want to like them but I just feel they’re so bulky and not flattering. Do you like them? I wanna hear about this.

But those platforms are just big and kind of wide, chunky, … I just feel like they don’t look very comfortable, I don’t think that they help you binge your foot.

For me, personally, I just feel like I have bricks on my feet, so although I know they’re super popular. I won’t judge you for wearing it.  I Just don’t like it for me.

Instead, and you might not think these are any better, BUT I’m really liking these new takes on Tevas. When Tevas were popular, I was wearing them because I liked to dress sporty especially in spring and summer, and I just really like that style. I’ll actually leave a pair of links down below for you.

I like them because, again, I’m picturing myself in a kind of a sporty outfit, and I got these on… And I won’t wear them in just solid black. I think that kind of a cute print, or in a unique color, is what really takes these Tevas up.

So, if they’re classic shoes or classic pieces that you really like, but you’re kind of thinking “maybe they’re a little bit too classic…” then, you could always opt for a color, a metallic, some kind of print that gives this modern touch.

So, that’s what I’m gonna be doing with Tevas. There’s always this kind of modern touch that you can give to a piece.

And also, it always depends on what you’re wearing them with. So, if I have this cool modern outfit and I have these Tevas on, I think it’s going to be a good fit.  I just think they’re super, super comfortable and I love them.

So, that’s what I’m gonna be wearing but I’m not gonna be wearing this big bulky flats.

The other shoe that I will be wearing that is also super comfortable is called “Serena Flip” by Crocs.

I’ve had these shoes literally for 3 years and I’m still wearing them. They’re also sporty and they’re very very comfortable. And in fact, I’m gonna do a video on comfort shoes. If you wanna hear more about comfort shoes, let me know in the comments below.

But again, I just think that they’re versatile, you can dress them up, you can dress them down. I just like them. Every time I wear them I get compliments on them because they’re just simple. I don’t know. I love them.

So, that’s for number 1 of what I won’t be wearing, the bulky, and what I’ll be wearing instead.

Now, the other thing that’s very trendy right now are house slippers, that you wear outdoors.

Now, I won’t be wearing this trend outdoors. This slipper for the indoors. But I like regular shoes for the outdoors.

However, I really like this new take on slippers. And I’ll be wearing them indoors. So, again, the trendy-slipper-outdoor-look, not my cup of tea. But, I’ll definitely be wearing them indoors. I just think that’s kind of nice to host a party when we can start hosting again and wear a nice slipper instead of your comfort slipper, and obviously, you’re not gonna be wearing heels indoors either, so… That’s another trend that I won’t be wearing, but maybe in a different way.

Another trend I don’t see myself wearing this spring or summer or ever… Are denim shorts!

I have still yet to find a pair of shorts that are actually flattering on me. I just don’t like them! I feel like they’re too tight on the thighs, I don’t know. I just don’t find them very flattering. I haven’t found a pair that looks good. I feel like shorts have to be a little bit wider so that your leg looks thinner in comparison, and in denim shorts, I just haven’t found.

However, in one of my last videos, I talked about experimenting and trying on new fashions and there might be a time where you’re just like “no, this doesn’t work for me” and you give up. Well, that’s kind of what happens with jumpsuits. So, these denim trend things, I’m not gonna give them on, I’m still going to look for a pair that I like. Maybe I just have to try a new color or a new fabric of denim, maybe not denim but chambray or… I don’t know. I’m not giving up but I’m just saying I don’t love them in shorts.

But instead, I love skirts.

I like denim skirts, I like tennis skirts, I just feel like they’re so much more flattering, so much more elegant, I feel like in spring we tend to go like extreme casual, and I think it’s nice to bring just another feminine touch and wear a skirt or a dress for a change! Something different from what we’re typically wearing in the winter and fall. So, I won’t be wearing shorts, I’ll be wearing skirts instead. How about you?

Next of what I won’t be wearing: a cardigan. I might wear a cropped cardigan, or something unique with cool sleeves, but the twin sets that are very popular right now… No, I just don’t feel like they’re very modern or flattering. I don’t know, I don’t love them, I’m sorry if you do!

But instead, I do like lightweight linen blazers or I do like sweaters with a unique cut or maybe some kind of unique buttons off to the side, something more funky and unique.

But the twin sets, kind of the unstructured look of it…I don’t think it’s all that flattering and some of them are very boxy as well. I don’t wanna give any names, but they’re some stores for women that make these cardigans unflattering and kind of frumpy-ish.

So, I won’t be wearing cardigans, instead, I’m going to be wearing blazers that I think are so much more flattering or kind of cropped cardigans with unique shoulders or unique sleeves. So, that’s just me.

The fourth thing I will most likely not wear, because honestly, who knows, I might change my mind later, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll experiment later but I won’t be wearing tie-dye.

I know it’s everywhere, sweats, sweatshirts, swimsuits. I think it’s nice on others, my daughters love the tie-dye look. In fact, we did a really fun project last summer where we took some of the pieces from our closets that were maybe stained or we don’t love and we tied them and they’re cute! I wear them as pijamas, but I just don’t think they’re very elegant, and I like my style to be classic with a unique twist and a little understated elegance. And I just don’t think tie-dye does that for me.

Now, going back to my story about knowing your style and experimenting. Now again, my style is more classic, and I feel like there’s a trend that would add value to my style, something like a little bit feminine, edgy, more boho, like those little twists to my style and that I think it’d add value to it and will keep it experimenting. But if I just don’t think that it’d add value, for example, a tie-dye, if I see something I love but if I don’t think that it’s going to overall add value to my look, it’s not gonna help me look more feminine, elegant and edgy, then I’m not gonna try hard. I’ll go with something else. Like for example, there’s a combat boot, that kind of style over like last season, and I thought that adding those combat boots to my very classic style would give it a little bit of edginess. So, I kept looking, looking, trying on different ones, and I finally found a pair that I really like. In those cases I will experiment but in the cases of tie-dye or, again, what else should I say… those like funky shoes… I don’t know, they’re just not for me.

Okay, what else, what else…

Pearls I like, stackable jewelry I like… Cocktails rings, although I’m not wearing any… I like on-trend for spring. Let’s see, what will I not wear… Headbands.

I want to wear headbands, I love them, I think they’re so pretty but I can’t pull them off! And that’s kind of also the way that my head shape is. But instead, I’ll be wearing little clips and other kinds of accessories for my hair. Little braids and that kind of thing. But I just can’t do headbands.

Oh, and going back to shoes, those super strappy high heels shoes, I can’t do either. They’re not very comfortable for me unless I find a very comfortable pair. But the super strappy shoes I think they’re beautiful, it’s like this slide sandal, but I think that I’m gonna be doing a flat slide sandal instead, which I think it’s more versatile and the high heel ones I’ve tried so many pairs and they’re just not comfortable for me.

Okay, I hope you like this, I hope I gave you some inspiration. Give me a thumbs up if you did. Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know any trends that you’ll be wearing, what you won’t be wearing, and also check out my spring trend video that I leave here. If you haven’t already, this video here has all of the accessories and colors that are very trendy right now. And I also have another video on accessories that can age you that has also been very popular. So, check that out!

And until next time, download the dress your shape guide here and visit me at my free style class where I share with you all the dos and don’t for looking flattering and feeling confident in your clothes. And I’ll leave a link for that below.

Thank you so much for watching and remember: it’s your time beautiful lady, and you’re ready for the next step to elevate your style and elevate your life.

Thanks, and I’ll see you next time!

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